Marco Reus



If that is true, it is just a fucking loser mentality.

You do your fucking best to keep your best player. Pay him the best, make him happy, build the team around him, and make yourself a winner.

Sanchez just express his interest of staying and it is up to Arsenal (to match his request)… and we are already thinking of losing him…

Fucking mentality and fucking management.


Yeah but who’s gonna be Reus replacement when we can’t agree on a contract extension for him?


Dembele after a failed stint at Barca.


The Frei/Kalou/Mexes of modern times…(and by that I mean…Linked but never buy)


You replace Ox/Iwobi/Welbeck by Draxler, not our best player Sanchez.

Even a prime Reus might not be as good as the prime Sanchez… and Reus has already over his prime.
I see this as a downgrade, and start of the rebuilding process.


Good. We need a WC injury-prone player.


We should be looking to bring in the likes of Reus in addition to Sanchez and Ă–zil.

That’s what top teams do if they can upgrade they do so, they don’t sell their best players in their prime and then try and scramble around to replace them.

Wenger was talking about how they won’t be allowed to leave before their contracts are up, that’s his battle cry? I mean it’s pretty pathetic.


You are all fucking mental. Reus would get an injury the second he stepped off the plane.


How do people have stamina to be enraged over paper talks?
When has any form of media predicted Arsenal’s transfer one month before its happening?
Let alone predict a summer transfer.


Any excuse to have a moan


As if there is any truth to this. Arsenal don’t replace their best players until about 5 years after they have gone!


I thought we’d already targeted him and he didn’t return our calls? :grin:


If at all.


Telegraph is set to became the new Daily Star because of fake/clickbait transfer window rumors.

If Ozil or Sanchez will leave us at the end of the season, I would like to see a revolution starting the board, passing to the manager and finishing with the squad.


He’s the sort of addition we need to the squad ( Injuries aside) but not to replace key players only to add to them.


I’d definitely take him but he’s always injured, he’d fit in well with the injuries.


Spot on

The mentality from the top is shocking and that just goes through the whole club

Should be going for Reus anyway, not as a replacement


It shouldn’t be Ozil and Sanchez or Reus.

It should be Ozil and Sanchez and Reus.


Buy Reus to show Sanchez our ambition and partner/push him… if we lose Sanchez and/or Ozil at this point, it is more a case of running to stand still… I guess it doesn’t matter if AW and the Board feel like it doesn’t make a difference whether we net spend zero or net spend 50 - we will finish 4th regardless.