Marco Asensio

According to Diaro Gol we’re among a few clubs interested in Marco Asensio. Do we rate him?

Asensio is going nowhere. Unless it’s a loan.


Hah I wish

Or a transfer with a ridiculously small buy back clause.

We rate him, it’s impossible not to, but he’s going nowhere, as SDGooner says.

Spoken like a true Madridista and Marca reader.

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I guess you feel you need to pick up the slack, since that barbaric Peruvian isn’t around so much lately?

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Would be brilliant loan business… I’d take that in addition to Mbappe.

Asensio a lot of bullshit in this rumour.


What is he up to lately anyway? Lost in the jungle?


Not a huge fan of this, but if Arteta can get him anywhere near his early Madrid form, he’d be a, quality pick up. I’m not convinced that he is the same player though.

Spells big trouble for ESR if we get Assensio.

HUGE talent, always rated him, such a shame that injury stunned his growth, still a prety good player though.

I smell bs.

We won’t sign him.


do PSG just get any random good sounding player that is on the market. It seems a very scattergun approach and almost like they just like collecting players with any sort of highish profile.

For a hot second it looked like they were pivoting to a strategy to sign younger up and coming players which would make a ton of sense considering they can blow most teams away in terms of fee and salary. But obviously that didn’t last because it’s not as exciting as signing a big name.

Campos won’t last much longer there. It’s honestly a very bad marriage waiting to implode.