Marcel Sabitzer

He good?

haven’t seen him much at any of the Red Bull clubs, I think I’ve seen him once or twice this season but didn’t pay attention to him, but he’s been stellar for his NT every time I’ve watched them to the point where I wondered why he hadn’t moved to a bigger club. Maybe something else is wrong with him lol idno

Thought he was quite good for Leipzig, played kind of a deep midfield role. Went to Bayern for peanuts all things considered. I think he was destined to move to Bayern after Naglesmann made that switch.

Has a great head of hair as well.

If he’s able to sit deep (and score goals) it might provide some flexibility in midfield. He could pair with Partey and alternate who sits deep without having extreme bouts of stupidity like Xhaka.

He’s a ready made midfielder, in his prime and has played at a high level on all stages. And will cost next to nothing?

Instantly elevates our midfield and gives us room to maybe make another signing in that area for depth, which then lets us spunk £120M on Osimhen.

Makes too much sense.


Elneny will get a new contract instead. You just know it.

If he does, I’m requesting a ban from OA to save myself from going Luca.




the best they can give is a strongly worded private message suggesting you cut it out.