Marc Guéhi

A dangerous combination of palace and a sell on clause. Kept Zaha there for years.

We shouldn’t help Chelsea get out of their misery in any way, even if it’s a 20% sell-on clause, getting one of their players on a discount is another matter.


In fairness £10m based on the asking price would be a drop in the ocean compared to what Chelsea have spent, so wouldn’t be that big of help to them. Whether he’s a £50m player is a different matter all together and as I haven’t seen much of palace/him I’m not really in a position to give an opinion.


I don’t think giving Chelsea £10m or whatever is a reason to not buy a player. Especially when they’re loaded and that extra cash will make zero difference to their transfer approach.

Having said that, I don’t think we should buy him. There is better out there.

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I agree, my comment was out of pure hatred for Chelsea, no logical reasoning there.

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I don’t see it with this guy at all. Personally.


He would probably be our 4th best CB and that’s not including Kiwior who’s an unknown quantity for most of us atm.


Andersen and his sexy diagonal long balls is who we should be going for, obviously


Yeah, I rate Andersen higher.
Guehi was good last season too but every time I’ve seen Palace this season he often had a mistake in him, sometimes a costly one.
I remember seeing an interview of his in the past, did sound like he had the right mentality. I’m sure that plays a factor for someone like Arteta.

Would certainly not pay 40-50m for him though. Feels too a big a fee for someone to compete with Saliba, Gabriel and Kiwior.

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I’ll trust Arteta and the club if they do it, he’s only 22 which is very young for a CB. They’ve nailed most signings so far.

You also can’t put a price on seeing the back of Rob Holding.

I don’t really see the need to have 4 youngish CBs (6 if you include Tomi and White as squad options there) ultimately two aren’t going to get the playing time they need to develop properly.

I wouldn’t mind our fourth CB being a Jorginho style signing. A known quantity who can just plug in and play as and when required or if the situation needs it.

When you’re buying young players most of the transfer fee is locked into their potential, considering we don’t have an age problem particularly at the back it feels like a waste of resources.


I agree broadly but it can be hard to find a player that age who still has the athleticism for this role.

Maybe we need an Ake-style signing just on the right side. An experienced defender in their prime.

I’m warming to Guehi though if we can’t manage that. Saliba’s back problem is scary. We can’t have a situation where next season just becomes a throwaway if the issue flares up again or it turns out he needs surgery.

Thiago Silva for a year?