Manchester Utd vs Arsenal (PL) 3-1 ffs

Get into these bastards and get 18/18 :red_circle::red_circle: COYG


:stadium: Old Trafford

:tv: Sky Sports

  • Arsenal win
  • Draw
  • Manchester Utd win

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Ahhh man, please win.

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Huge one. Will be nervous for this one. We can take 3 points but this will be feisty as fuck.

Big, big game. But looking forward to it :grinning:

Will be on my birthday, so a win is mandatory.


I don’t see us winning this

Oh no.

Birthday big game gives me PDSD

got a bad feeling for this i can see it now that manu play crap but somehow win and it will be said ooohhh look manu and arsenal rivalry but as per when it counts manu are on top.

@Cristo @Maverick79 get out. Think about what you’ve done. Don’t come back until you’re sorry.

Fuck off home
United Road
To the place
You belong
Down the M6
Back to Essex
Fuck off home
United Road


trust me i wanna be wrong…but this feels like a frustrating day and they pick up a win via Ronaldo or a jammy goal and it will be UNITED ARE BACK!!!

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Ronaldo always scores against us the cunt

Utd 1 - 3 Arsenal, COYG, let’s FUCKING GO!

Worried. These cunts always game raise against us.

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I will be on holidays.

I will be drinking beer.

We will win.

Fuck united.



Fuck sakes people, you’d swear we were in 2021 and just lost out opening 3 games with how scared people are

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This could be the new north london forever

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Let me be scared ffs. When was the last time we won at that shit hole?

Hope we do these cunts in but would probably be happy to get a draw up there. Don’t want us letting them kick themselves into gear with a win over us.

If this run has proved one thing once and for all to me it’s that some people will remain miserable no matter how well this team does. We could win the treble and there’s still be someone droning on about how we were definitely going to decline if we didn’t sign a backup DM.