Manchester United


I’d imagine the infamous XG stats are pretty poor for them as well.

Good news that he is coming back. Won’t matter how much money they throw at the wall hoping something sticks for transfers if Ten Hag is “helping” recruitment. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Red Cafe has a poll going on about Ten Hag’s extension. Seems they’re slightly in favour of keeping him on. 51% to 48% in favour. One post on there says:


“Better than Southgate but the fact we took so long to confirm shows how poorly we’re still run. Ineos or not we’re still a shit show.”

Sounds about right, mate. :slight_smile:


I think someone here speculated this before but Mark Ogden said he was told months ago that a potential plan was for Ten Hag to start next season and if results do and performances don’t improve then they can sack him and hopefully by then Southgate will be available.

Perhaps this is where the new contract comes into play?
They can maybe a manufacture an easier out from them into his contract.

Lol United tried to date other girls (other managers) and when they couldn’t find a decent one, came back to their wife (EtH) and got her a diamond necklace (contract extension). And the wife is fully aware of all of this. Comical beyond belief. Love it.


What could Ten Haag do? Be petty and do damage to his career.

As much as it looks bad, it will only come back to bite them if Ten Haag does well and doesn’t wish to renew his contract.
Him doing well is still a win in that case.

think they will do better next season, but far from being a contender.

7th place with a GD of +2 :trossard: :henry2:


“You can see eh? We improved from last season, if Garnacho scored the goal against Arsenal it would be a different story eh?”