Manchester United

Given that United has been mediocre/shite pretty much all season, the obsession with that decision is getting creepy. Is he ok?


Wonder what Mourinho would have called him. :henry2:

It’s from his conference today.

It’s clear that he thinks that moment has derailed their season. It’s a weird obsession, especially when you take into account what he said a year earlier about them deserving to be where we were.

I think he’s genuinely envious of Arteta, I think he expected to be the one to challenge Pep and Klopp(his first conference implied so) and it’s not sitting well with him how things panned out.

one fucking win could turn around their turmoil season?
Didn’t see they had a turn around after beating Pool.

come on… they need as least 6 of them.

Didn’t they lose to Spurs before that?

Man got dumped out of his CL group in 4th.

Tbh, I’ve seen other coaches cling on games before but usually it’s ones with higher stakes.
Like finals, or some decisive games near the end of the season. Or in other cases games that led to their sacking.

He wasn’t sacked so that’s not an excuse.
He’s just clinging on a fairly meaningless match in early September. It’s jarring.

He definitely lost a bet or is going to win a bet at this stage.


I’ve come to realise I really cannot stand majority of the managers in the prem this season

His tight trousers he wears on a match day must be restricting the blood flow to his oblong bonce because this is beyond funny now.

It’s concerning.

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lol wtf :pires2:

would love it if someone mocked him in the press over it, when holding a pre-match conference. He is about to say something that has a whoa is me commentary and someone pipes up ‘was it because of the match at the emirates by any chance?’


Arteta was asked about it in his presser and he smartly avoided the bait and tried to justify Erik thinking he could’ve gotten something from game.

I do wanna know what Erik was saying to Arteta at FT when we beat them the other day though. It looked awkward.

“Thank you for not smashing us hard”.

That’s what Craig Burley suggested on ESPN FC too.




Funny bit from Ornstein’s interview with FIVE.

If Erik gets ECL/EL, that will make it easier for Man Utd to sack him.
If Erik doesn’t get Europe, that will make it harder for Man Utd to sack him.

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How so?

Because it’ll be harder to get a manager that will be happy without European football?

Less money to pay him off I’d imagine



Similar situation with Juve and Allegri.

Why would you take out the incentives from the manager to finish in European spots?