Manchester United
What is he waffling about?

Tbh they’re lucky they have as many points as they do. Such a fraud team, but I’m happy as it means more mediocrity for these cunts. They are miles off being a serious top side.


He knows deep down they got lucky and the next loss or draw will have the fanbase calling for his head.

Sad hype merchant talk from the poor mans Ole Gunnar Solskjaer.

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Pretty funny to me that they’re actually on a good run but Man Utd fans are still shitting on them.

Like, I feel some of them are secretly hoping they slip soon so they can get rid of EtH.

Their goal difference is finally zero after being in the minus for most of the season

ten Hag still on fraud watch


Gutted the Mancs won.

9 losses in 24 games
13 points off the top
0 GD

ok, believing seems to work so-so

XG metrics have you 12th just be thankful you’re over performing the metrics you bald Dutchman.

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This guy is still talking about a game from 5 months ago lol

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And he is also talking nonsense, they were outplayed for large periods at the Emirates.


Ah who cares, I want him to stay at this point. He’s very clearly not the guy for them, their squad is a total mess (Casemiro, Mount, Maguire all still there. Probably need a new keeper in the summer as well). They’ll have to go through what we did when we were canceling contracts to get rid of players but they’ll be canceling Rashford, Sancho, maybe even Antony?

I agree on lots what you’ve said regarding the squad and manager, but I believe Onana will be fine as keeper, shaky start but has low key been very good lately.

Isn’t he en route to win the golden glove or something?

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He’s still going on about it…

We’re massive. Living rent free in his head.

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Was it even that controversial? I dont remember the incident at all.

Gabriel splattered him, nicely.

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I see Ten Slags didn’t talk about the penalty we should have had on havertz that got overturned by VAR.

Stupid slaphead

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