Manchester United thread


horrible news.

I hope he makes it man this is horrible. He looked so happy and healthy last weekend, wtf


SAF SERIOUSLY ILL IN HOSPITAL now on SSN as breaking news. :pensive:




OH FUCK! So it’s true FFS! Wish him all the best :frowning:


Doesn’t sound very good at all. All the best to him.


Manchester United have said he underwent emergency surgery for a brain haemorrhage and that it’s gone really well!


I think he should be fine based on that last snippet from Man Utd. They wouldnt say it went “very well” if the prognosis is bad.


My aunt died from a brain haemorrhage after appearing to recover, so it’s unfortunately still very much a very serious issue :pensive:


The same thing happened with my mom, but she already suffered from Parkinson’s disease at time.


Sad news, there’s a long road of recovery ahead of him but hope he makes it through with no complications.

Seen more than a few cunts gloating about it on Twitter, absolutely disgusting.


Wow that is really shitty guys, sorry to hear that :santi:


Sorry to hear that Luca. That must have been an incredibly stressful and traumatic time.


Sorry to hear that, mate. It’s all about the immediate treatment, sometimes as well. If it’s misunderstood to be an ischaemic stroke and it’s hit with antiplatelets like aspirin or clopidogrel, it makes the entire situation worse.


She survived 3 months before dying on monday. I wanted to keep it private because it is just my character :slight_smile:


OMG, I’m so sorry mate.


Sorry to hear that Luca.
My condolences to you and your family.


Thanks a lot. I am just happy she is finally free and not suffering anymore :disappointed:


Thanks mate :slight_smile:


wow shit :frowning: sorry to hear that Luca, hope you are coping ok.


Really sorry to hear that mate, hope you and your family are coping as well as can be expected x