Manchester United thread


Paul Pogba isn’t fit to lace Abou Diaby’s boots.


Absolutely not a case of tactics in my view.

Pogba clearly is not on board with doing the duties of a CM which involves the dirty side of the game i.e defensive work, in that Spurs game he hung Matic out to dry and that’s what Jose was taking issue with.

For the kind of money they paid he should not have to be babysat in the middle of the park by playing with two other midfielders, in fact he should be able to play in a 2, a 3 and even further forward as a #10 if required and be able to play the roles to a high level. I’m not blaming Jose for this at all. Sure playing in a 2 requires more discpline and not the opputunity to bomb forward all the time, however, that means you should be able to dictate and control the flow of the game for your team whilst working defensively in tandem with your CM partner. Pogba cannot do this either because he’s unable to ( maybe unlikely) or simply thinks he’s too big to do it which is funny because he hasn’t achieved shit for United and has a hell of a lot to prove.

If you’re considered a top midfielder you should be highly adaptable, KDB, Gundogan, Kroos, Thiago, Eriksen Modric, Fernandinho are all midfielders I’d rather have and would all give much more when playing in a 2 than Pogba. For the most part he is essentially a highlight reel player but when you look closely at games you see he is prone to dumb decisions and lacks consistency in addition to tactical flexibility.


I’d rather have a very talented player with years ahead of him like Pogba than a finished boring manager like Mourinho, they should sack him and get someone that suits Pogba’s style


Quite right.
If I was a manager and I was given a midfielder worth 80-90m and one on 300k or so wages; I had expect him to execute every duties a midfielder is supposed to do.

Why should clubs pay such huge amount and also need to hand hold him through his flaws.


If you’re going to spend 90m on a player I reckon it’s a good idea to play to his strengths. If they wanted someone who does stuff Pogba doesn’t they probably should have bought someone else.


All CM’s have to help out defensively, how can you be a b2b midfielder by trade and not be willing to defend or be able to play in a 2?

This isn’t a case of not playing to one’s strengths, if all this is true it’s as if he thinks the PL is lucky to have him because he’s Paul Pogba. He’s simply not willing to get with the program and improve his game, it’s a player issue not a coach issue.


He’s an attacking midfielder though really isn’t he who excels in a midfield three, so I don’t see the point in spending £90m on him and then asking him to do defensive work in a two. If you’re going to spend that much money then you aren’t exactly restricted in your ability to buy a player who is adept defensively, if that is what you want. So I do think it’s a case of not playing to his strengths really, because you’re demanding things from him that aren’t his strengths.

Not really defending him though as he has always had the air of an arrogant cunt with a shitty attitude imo. Don’t like him at all.


In my view Pogba isn’t an attacking midfielder, he doesn’t post up those kind of numbers or have those instincts, he’s a b2b player that’s supposed to do a bit of everything and not a lot of one particular thing.

He should be able/willing to do both sides of the game, of course United bought him and should have known how he plays but as a young player with supposed world class potential you’re also supposed to improve and adapt your game.

He is still the player they bought from Juve and I don’t see that changing anytime soon, which is a problem if you’re United because the money they spent should get you a player that will be a piece on the board that aids in competing with City.


9 assists in 16 league matches this season sounds like the kind of numbers an attacking midfielder might get.

Maybe attacking midfielder is overstating it a bit anyway I guess. He is a very attack minded midfielder if that works better, idk


Mata sounds like Rubio :facepalm:


This kid McTominay looks a good player.


^ It was all going so well for Scott McTominay until the Cuellar curse befell him :slightly_frowning_face:

Expect him on loan to Bury within the year


Typical female, can’t get over the butthurt :giroud:


If not for De Gea United would be Stoke.

It’s funny to see a team that has the amount of talent that United has and which most coaches would want to build a squad around look so distinctly average on a consistent basis.

If I was De Gea I’d be packing my bags, he should be playing for the best teams.


He did try to pack his bag. But then the fax machine broke.

Man United fans refer to the 31st August as “fax machine day” you know :arteta:




Oooooooooh trouble in paradise!

I’d have him for sure


Maureen is doing his very best to destroy the team dynamic. After all he has done the most he usually does with his contract, just enough to get a new one but now he tuns to an absolute cancer to the club so he can get his massive payoff so he can fuck off elsewhere and leave the club he was at in tatters then poaches some of the players off them for his new club. Its almost as if he has done this before a few times…like a broken record with him.


Lol! Alexis has truly ruined their dressing room :rofl: