Manchester United thread


United still has some ways to go.
They won’t succeed as long as park the bus merchant is there anyway.
Or at the very least won’t be consistent.


This was the essence of my post. You would have seen that if you read my post after it too instead of sniping one sentence

I recognise Africa is a place of abundant resources, I want Africans to empower themselves and reject western influence for their own sake. That is the main message of my post


Yes, it does make me laugh about Sanchez that they think he is gonna make them go get trophies. We had him and we ended up being worse than we were before we had him. Our football went down the drain the annoying chipped balls the ball hogging the dribbling into trouble. They think it won’t happen to them, maybe it won’t for the 1st year, but now he is the best-paid member of the club and he is getting his ego stroked how long will it be before he is dictating to the team how they should play and they must pass to him and speed along the play and before he waves them off with disgust. How long will be before Pogba etc gets upset because he is not the star anymore? How long is it before the childishness of Lukaku Lingard and Pogba pisses him off because all he wants to do is play but he sees a lot of prats dicking around all around him and they are no closer to a trophy.

Mark my words I feel this is gonna end with him splitting the fans like he did with us, soon enough there will be fans thinking he is a cunt and they wish he was never signed and will be bleating on about ‘he s our best-paid player but he loses the ball so often’ ‘he is on his little bitch mode again’

oh, it will be so great to watch!


Might be worth self reflecting a bit here on how you expressed yourself on that occasion, because your first post did read as being incredibly ignorant.


Ah fair enough, I hadn’t read your other post. My apologies. Though tbf that post was three sentences, and I responded to one of them. Hardly cherry picking, it was at the very least a very, very unfortunate way of phrasing things.

Africans rejecting Western culture is a bit simplistic tbh. It can help insofar as western culture and economy are intertwined, but it’s certainly a bit more complicated than that.

edit: yeah, Jakey beat me to it.


@JakeyBoy - That’s fair criticism. The first post was of poor quality

I realise this which is why I kept things focused on football specifically


The only forums i would never go are RAWK and Bluemoon. They are so fucking cocky over there.


Fair enough, but the fact is the good football product comes from the west/Europe. Should they accept an inferior product just because the continent has been historically marginised and as a result has never developed the sporting infrastructure to support such a product?

I was in Morocco for part of the 2010 world cup, catching Uruguay-Ghana (the Suárez handball game) in a bar in Morocco and the unified, booming chants of Af-ri-ca, Af-ri-ca, I will never forget. It’s just an anecdote, but from what I’ve seen I don’t think there’s a lack of passion for African football. There just isn’t the product at club level.


I can’t speak for other countries but I know one Morocco people are hugely passionate about the local product. My family are predominantly Raja Casablanca fans and they rival Wydad Casablanca, and that’s as big a rivalry as any in Africa. I know when Wydad won the African CL this year the streets were packed.


Until 2020 with an option for another year.


Hopefully he relegates them by 2020. Cunt.




Just collect the money and then runaway :wink:


Ha. Imagine if it happens again. United might have just cost themselves a small fortune when they have to pay off José after his meltdown in the next year or so. He’ll probably head off to PSG after that.


Haha he still has 18 months to run on his Chelsea contract. :arteta:


They’d be in League Two by then, the way it was going :poldi:


Does José still live in a hotel?



I saw something recently saying that Mourinho has been living in that hotel for twice as long as Alan lived at the Linton Travel Tavern :joy:


Why is he living in a hotel? Sweaty bitch :grinning: