Manchester United thread


I used to like me too, but then Wenger didn’t sign Higuain and my life has been empty since.





TBF i would take Brendan over wenger right now, dont think i can take much more of him and if i feel like that fuck knows what the players feel like.


TBF I’d take @Craigie as our manager



I thought Lukaku had already been out of football for a while to be honest


wow how bad is his injury? He crack his skull or something?


I feel sorry for Mourinho.
If only the board had backed him and allowed him to spend that extra 100m to match what Guardiola had spent, Man U would have definitely beaten Burnley and Southampton.

How can a manager like Mourinho be expected to beat the giants of Burnley and the world class talent of the South Coast with the thread bare lack of talented first team players he has at his disposal.



Hahahahahaha love this. We might even finish above them. Slight silver lining to this mess we are in.


We should try to sign lingaard and rashford in the summerm they are great players under a terrible mananger.


:joy::joy: No

After getting rid of Oxlade and hopefully Theo why would we buy another shit English winger?


All over Rashford. Feel he could be great.


Mourinhos comments about money are fucking amazing, I can’t even begin to address them without having a hysterical laughing fit.


Lingard is a very average player who serves his purpose as a decent squad option and Rashford is nowhere near as good as the British press will have you believe.


Lingard is another Chamberlain. 2/3 good games a season is the best he can do.


They’re turning on him. Glorious.


“Spend some fucking money” :wenger:


This is Mourinho’s biggest problem.
It’s ok to play boring football if you’re winning, but when you go 2-0 down and only get a draw against Burnley and then can’t beat an out of form Southampton team at home, while playing unattractive football and having spent a fortune on world class players, then the supporters are going to get annoyed very quickly.

As for that Man U supporter saying, one season we only bought Carrick, what a joke.
Ferguson was one of the biggest spending managers in Europe and easily the biggest spender in the PL.