Manchester United thread


I’ve watched a few interviews with him and various players who played under him and it seems to me that he can only coach a certain type of player. The kind of player he can push and abuse a bit and get a reaction.

I get the impression that Drogba, Lampard, Terry, Carvalho etc. were these kind of players which is why they were great for him and having that much of a team working for him means players in between will probably fall in line, so his spending of money is somewhat justified if he feels he needs to bring in some of his style players to do what he does (the same with Pep bringing in his style of player) but I think it says a lot about his man management that he can appear to fail so badly with other players. He’s clearly tried to get reactions from the likes of Shaw, Mkhitaryan, Martial and even called them out as basically weak in public and it’s gone the other way.


I’m not saying he isn’t a successful manager but he has never managed a club in any league that weren’t already highly successful like Porto, or without spending more than his rivals, or were winning the League without him before he took over, and they still continue to do so.

As for winning the CL, he did win it, but with an extraordinary amount of luck as well.
He also only played Monaco in the final.

At Chelsea he bought seven or eight world class players to go with the few world class ones that were already there, and still played a defensive style.

In his career I can’t think of any young players he has brought through from the youth system, and he only buys titles rather than building a team like Wenger did.

This is one of the main reasons he hates him.
He knows that Wenger could have done what he did with ridiculous amounts of money, but he also knows he could never have done what Wenger did by building a successful team with limited spending.

He is also jealous that Wenger was renowned throughout Europe for having the most entertaining sides, but his own reputation is winning trophies playing boring, if effective football.


That is quite true he doesn’t have anywhere near a universal approach.

Mkhitaryan to United was never going to work when you listen to his interviews and what others have said about him, he’s way too gentle a character and needs a manager to instill confidence in him as the likes of Wenger would.

I do think that saying he buys titles is a bit OTT though and belittles his achievements, spending money does not guarantee success.


Basically what this guy says :rofl:


Nothing pleases me more than watching the fraud oust himself.


The man who has always bought his success to glory now complains about spending. Oh the irony!


His time at Real Madrid really ruined him.

We’ve never seen the same aura about Mourinho ever since.

That was when the special one turned into somebody that would gouge the eyes of a cancer patient


“Yes, i think we are shit”.


a very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very
small part of me wants Pep to actually go unbeaten to see how Jose reacts.


it will be along the lines of ‘well it is very easy to what he has done with the squad he has, if i was given that money i would have done the same if not better’


Well he can sell that line & media would lap it up but Mourinho has been spending that kind of money for like…always.

But yes being a hypocritical cunt that he is, you are spot on.


A very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very BIG part does not want Pep to go unbeaten.

José is already having a meltdown, there is no need to throw another bone.


aaaawwww no fun, i wanna see him cry :frowning:


He’s not gonna do that in public. Go to his house and poke him with a stick


:rofl: Cry baby, cry!


So not his fault then… makes a change…

If only they had spent money to improve these areas

(This is a joke by the way… but it’s basically what he might as well have said)


uuummmm so he is pretty much saying that everything is wrong at Manu then, that is pretty much 100% of the game, barring goalkeeping where lets face it de gea is the only reason why they have so many points.


Everything is rubbish apart from the coaching. That is top notch :ok_hand:


Lucky that they’re getting Ozil on a free then :neutral_face:


No they’re not Craigie. I used to like you.