Manchester United thread


If Mourinho had a blank chequebook he’d be running away with the league as well. He’s overachieving with a poor squad and limited backing

The irony of Man U supporters moaning about another team spending big.

They seem to forget Mourinho has Ibrahimovic, who is possibly the highest paid player in Europe, Pogba, who was a record transfer when he bought him and De Gea who is one of the best GK’s in Europe.

He also bought Lukaku who was around 80m and Martial, who could go to over 50m.
Players like Matic, Mkhitayran, Bially, Young, Shaw, Mata etc all cost 30m or more when fees were a lot lower and that sort of money you would get a world class player.

If you actually look at the first team Man City have it’s not full of world class players, but a team full of good players that do a good job in a very good system, which is also good to watch.

Players like Sterling, Delph, Fernandinho are all good but not world class and there isn’t a world class defender or GK in their first team.
The midfield is where they have the best players like De Bruyne, Silva and Sane who would be considered close to being world class and of course Aguero who is, but even when he hasn’t played in recent games they are still scoring loads of goals.

It just shows that Man U supporters are still as stupid as they’ve always been and are just jealous because their rivals have a better manager, playing better football, with a better team.


So they admit he didn’t spend well the money in the summer.


Global fanbases like theirs ours and Liverpools will always have someone with stupid blogs or posts like this tbf.


What they mean is if Mourinho was Guardiola they’d be fapping themselves to sleep at night rather than looking on in envy.


If Mourinho did have as much to spend as Guardiola, all he would do is buy the biggest gold played bus in Europe and park it behind Lukaku.



Completely missed Zlatan re-joined them lol


Zlatan has recovered so quickly!




Dyche in!? That’s a new low for United!


I sincerely want supporters like him to get what they wish for.
As much as I despise Mourinho, how can any Man U supporter think he has underachieved after the performances they have had in recent seasons?

Any supporter that goes on Twitter and says he wants Dyche rather than Mourinho is probably a Liverpool or Man City supporter having messing around.


Heh, Dyche may not be the manager that Mourinho is. But he’s not the cunt that the latter is, either.


Mourinho, and Ferguson before him, are in a class of their own.


Don’t know who Dyche is but I bet he is not as big a coward as Mourinho.


But they call him “ginger Mou” :thinking:


Seriously? If serious he’s the manager of Burnley…


Pogba should get 10-game ban. Horrible nasty and overrated player.


Accidental tackle imo.
That was awkward stance by Bellerin for someone to avoid


De Gea having a great game.

Watch him open his legs for Sterling next week


I think this kind of sentiment is more for the Rob Greens of this world rather than the David De Geas :grin: