Manchester United thread


Yes I too hope these brave fans stay strong in the face of such oppression.


Right on!


Bringing attention in the media to supporters singing something and then trying to stop them.

That’ll work.


If their was an openly gay footballer would you be ok with songs about them loving it up the arse or being a bit soft if it was all in good fun?


No, but if they had a big cock, I’d sing about that :slight_smile:


so having a laugh and joke about a racial stereotype is just fine but not a gay one? Why is that?


I wouldn’t sing about them being gay. I’d sing about them having a massive schlong :stuck_out_tongue:


I didn’t ask if you would sing it I asked if the crowed were singing it how would you feel?


How would I feel if the crowd were singing a song about me having a cock so big it had developed an elbow?


So now your playing dumb instead of admitting your being a hipocrite, Will you arnswer the question seriously now please?


Not at all. I simply find songs about cocks to be amusing. :slight_smile:

And if a song was being sung about me having a large cock. I think I would also find that amusing.


Who said anything about singing about you having a large cock? I’ll ask one more time let’s see if you can get it this time

If their was an openly gay footballer do you think it would be ok to jokingly sing songs about them being some super camp fairy or loving it up the arse or just being a bit soft in the same way you think it’s ok to sing about a black footballers supposedly large cock?


Is it ok to sing about a footballers supposedly large cock. Sure.

And if the song referenced race, I’d be on your side.


Ffs you don’t have to specifically reference race for it to be obvious your using a racial stereotype

If they were singing a song about lukaku liking chicken and watermelons would you honestly be sitting here like “well maybe he does the didnt specifically refrence his race did they?”

Your being willfully ignorant


Well chicken and watermelons aren’t really funny things. So it would certainly be strange to hear chants about them, and I’d probably agree that there was some racial undertones.

But cocks are funny, so it’s not surprising to hear songs about them :slight_smile:


Again your being willfully ignorant and I expect more from you really


No, I just choose to not be offended when the evidence doesn’t support it. That’s all.


Maybe he can accept the inference to race but doesn’t accept the link between applying a value judgment on a man’s penis size and his intelligence?

In I go again :weary:


Well, that’s an interesting question. Is it body shaming to all the other players to point out the one with the big Johnson? :slight_smile:


Dear snowflakes, please stop.