Manchester United thread


But since the chant doesn’t reference race, I think that’s exactly what they should have done.


Matter of opinion that. Kick it Out clearly disagree with you.


It’s not a matter of opinion. We know the words to the chant, and it doesn’t refer to race at any point.


Eh it clearly is as 70-80 posts here have clearly offered a variety of opinions on the matter.


The anger is because the chant is about a black player, and there is a racial stereotype around them and their dick size.

The actual chant never refers to race, only to the size of his cock. And from what I’ve read, it’s a fairly accurate statement :slight_smile:


Exactly this, besides, being the best at a certain job doesn’t mean you are suitable for a promotion, at all.

@srcjj have you been to HR and had an investigation? If not then I’m sorry but its just a bit lazy on your part to assume it’s racism.


Some wild conjectures here…how on earth majority of BBC pundits will guess Manchester United and City will be the top 2 at the start of the season? With the abysmal performances both teams have shown last season. Sometimes you wonder whether football is really fixed or not?


Maybe because of their summer spending?


Because they bought Lukaku


Both are top managers and are in their second season at their clubs, and both have bought very good players in the positions that needed strengthening.

Top managers spending lots of money, buying world class players to go with the world class players they already have, invariably leads to success.

I thought Man U would win the PL, this season, and I still think that, although Man City look fantastic in their first few games, but they started last season looking great as well and just finished above us.


They’ve both massively outspent everyone for about 3-4 seasons at least and again strengthened their weaknesses this summer.

They did both however start on winning runs last season so let’s see what surprises the season kicks up.




It will disappear, but not entirely because some higher power is telling them to stop singing it


I hope they keep singing it :slight_smile:


I think it would’ve disappeared if it had been let go. It’ll probably go the distance now though after all this :laughing:


I remember when some people took offence to Chamakh’s song, which ultimately fell away only because of Chamakh not doing much at Arsenal. Otherwise was a good effort imo, just the wrong player



What are they going to do, remove their season tickets? :roll_eyes: United have enough fans queuing up to take their place if they just decide to ban 50 people who sang this song, but a) it would be challenged legally and b) sets a bad precedent in future


Judging by the volume, it sounded like the majority of away fans that were singing.

They’ll eventually buckle, but I hope they stay strong for as long as possible.