Manchester United thread


It’s a pathetic reading.
Bunch of adults who can’t take a joke.


He really went off on one. Neville is such a condescending bastard. I’d rather listen to Carragher, and I have no idea what that spitting Scouser is saying.


The guy is having an identity crisis. Guaranteed the lad was waiting for Manure to give him a call after Mourinho left. The way he was flip-flopping his opinions on a daily basis was maddening. Fucking psychopath.


He has no idea of his patronising nature. That’s the worst thing. He’s obsequious when he’s talking to legends (see the interview he’s had with both Mike Summerbee and Denis Law) and he’s judgementally aloof when talking to/about fans. For an uneducated berk, that’s a lot to stomach.

Yesterday was a perfect example. If you see the altercation he has with Carragher about whether or not DDG made a mistake and didn’t save Xhaka’s shot, you can see this pathetic excuse of a man doesn’t like an argument.

It was pleasing when he was convinced Man United should have had a penalty and when the replays showed the ball smashed off Koscielny’s chest, he went quiet


One of the highlights of the game. The replay didn’t half shut him up :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


ey guys. I Wonder why does Armenia flag was shown in the game against united? Its in the adsboard around the pitch. Sorry for my english, Im russian. Arshavin forever)


Because Henrikh Mkhitaryan is Armenian? Armenia wants to boost their tourism? Matrix boards got hacked?



Unai at the wheel! Unai at the wheel! Unai at the wheel! Fuck off, you bunch of pussies.

Turning on Ole now :arteta:


Some of you guys would divorce your wife after a bad BJ.



Their honeymoon period was waaay too long for my liking. Hopefully this is a sign of the real Man United, with all due respect are a bang average team. GET IN !


Could work out in their favor. Out of both FA and CL and can now focus on getting in the top 4. Not good news for us TBH.


You always find a way to praise them. I appreciate you for this.



My word that’s in poor taste

But I like it :poldi:


Wheels have fell off for United ah I love it


Ole’s (fucked it) at the wheel


Just like us under Emery back in december. Honeymoon over.


What’s going on here, its normally left to Arsenal to have the multiple failures in on week


Big dose of reality for these cunts.

They’re still in good shape, a quarter final in the CL to look forward to and definitely still fully in the top 4 race, but for a time their fans were acting like they were United from c. 2008 again. Deluded cunts.