Manchester United thread


Well we lost in the cup to him and them already. So you know. . .


Nah they deserve every credit.

10 first team players out and they do this, amazing result :clap:


2 mistakes and a non-penalty. Just lucky.


After they got gifted a decision that shouldn’t have gone their way tho.


Oh yeah it wasn’t a pelanty and that was ultimately the reason they’ve gone through, but they’re riding a wave and have caught a break. Still deserve it on the night.

I’m kinda hopeful it will be a bit of a case of “after the lord mayor’s show” now and Arsenal win at the weekend


you just know these cuntbags are gonne play like players possessed against us, we will be beaten by kids and their manager will be hailed as the new SAF, heard it here first. In a way it might be a blessing i guarantee they hire that shitbag if that happens. Sometime next season they will stop playing for him and they will go to shit again i dont feel he is a good manager.


For sure. 3-1 Manure on sunday.


Fuck it, I’m saying it. We’re giving them a humbling on Sunday.

They’re gonna be believing they’re invincible now




Their squad is decimated by injuries, if we can’t win this at home, then why bother, i hope that Emery learned from our last defeat against them, a win here is a must.


a sligthly negative effect for us on sunday could be that they will be on cloud 9 after tonights “amazing” performance. We should still humiliate them.


Sorry bro, losing to an own goal and Rashford’s dick goal.


They can’t keep on winning forever. Those 10 injuries (even if a few of them come back) will catch up with them eventually and I think Arsenal might get a positive result now

Pogba will be rested tho, that’s not cool :unamused:


Its really really scary that they are able to deliver shit display after shit display and yet end up with the goods. They didnt create a single chance tonight and yet scored 3 fekin goals.


i really do feel that football worldwide is fixed some of the results and how they happen just dont seem genuine to me.


The game was surreal. It felt like United tried everything in their power not to win and somehow won anyway, cuz thats what they do. :gabriel:


It doesn’t matter how depleted their squad is. They once beat us with 4 defenders in midfield.

If they have a manager that can set them up properly, which it looks like they so, then we are in for a very tough game.


Indeed. Not gonna watch it on sunday.


Just seen the daily fails frontpage. The hype is so over the top that every cell in my body starts cringing.


Fuck I’m so pissed off, we have to do them, cmon king Unai!