Manchester United thread


Really don’t care for Ashley Young. Watching him celebrate just reminded me how much I dislike him. Drives me nuts that such an average player has managed to eek out a career at ManU.


Alexis what a guy :arteta: has truly fucked their wage structure :arteta: :arteta:


De Gea actually deserves to be their highest paid player which is the funny thing lol


Ashley Young has literally been a first choice player for Man Utd for 8 years, I think that counts as a bit more than eeking out a career haha

Guy scored some absolute worldies against us in the 8-2 as well


I don’t know that you can chalk up the fact he’s been a first choice player as proof he’s good. Almunia was our first choice keeper for a long time.

I just don’t get the point of Ashley Young.

Also, a bird shit in his mouth once.




Yes because Wenger basically for no reason decided goalkeeper was an irrelevant position. Young being brought in by Fergie and totally reinventing his game over the course of 4 subsequent managers is not quite the same thing.


What’s OGS record in the league since he took over ? Fuck it’s starting to piss me off.


P10 or 11 and has been a cunt the entire time.


Reading they are having many injuries atm. Hopefully they keep it up next sunday.


They’ve had injuries for a while now, but they keep getting results, we have to focus on our own performance, not who’s available or unavailable for Man United.


Mate, after that game a couple of years ago where a young Rashford was thrown in at the deep end and we were expected to slaughter them due to a massively decimated team through injury, these cunts still pulled out the fucking win, so injuries don’t matter, they could have Valencia in goal and we’d still fucking lose.


If only this could be a big blow to them, instead Solskjær is probably saying a prayer thanking God he won’t have to act like he wants him around anymore.


Di Maria

They should just take the hint and stop signing South American players as they always flop for them :joy:


Red Cafe are celebrating too

Saw this comment too, which is a big call given some of the trash they have had

One of the worst signings, quite possibly the worst, since Ferguson.


What a waste of money for them! Lol!


Him being injured probably saves them 200k a week in bonuses. Good business :wenger2:


Really hope we beat these bastards on Sunday.

Emery has to show his managerial worth and not get shown up by a comparative novice in Soljskaer. Do the homework on Manchester United, go full throttle from the off and we stand a fighting chance


Think we can beat them. Solksjaer is starting to be found out tactically.


I dont think it has anything to do with managerial stuff its more to do with manus squad more than anything they played like cunts under mourinho. This will be tough without Torriera but hopefully we will get something out of the game.