Manchester United thread


You’d obviously want Liverpool to win to help our top 4 chances. Look after yourself. Anyone who thinks differently is a fool tbh

I couldn’t give a fuck if arsenal fans dont want Liverpool to win so they don’t win the league. You support Arsenal. You want Champions League football therefore you will want Liverpool to win.


As a great man once said;

Allow Liverpool, man

(Although Im not entirely sure who the great man was or whether or not it was actually said)


Manure’s record at the Bridge is awful, tbh.


At least Liverpool aren’t a West Midlands club.


I want Manchester United to beat Liverpool.

Expect my boy Pogba to bits @Darkseid


I suggest if you’re anti Liverpool, a draw between United and Liverpool is the ideal outcome.


I hope it’s either a draw or a United win.

If we’re serious about the 4PT then we can win the 6 pointer vs United to demonstrate that


If Solskjaer does go to the end of the season in the same form as he is doing and gets them into the CL places, it’s going to be extremely difficult to say to Solskjaer, thanks for everything but we’ve got someone else.

If Man U do have another manager lined up, which I’m sure they do, they will be under more pressure than they would have been.

Mourinho was obviously the problem because they have several top quality players.
Pogba is possibly one of the best in his position in Europe, when he is on form, and De Gea certainly is, and their forward players like Rashford, Martial and Mata are more than decent as well.

Personally I want Pochettino to go there.
If Solksjaer is that good, then he won’t have any problem finding a new club.
We might be looking for a new manager soon, so perhaps he could come here.


Id be interested in keeping him at the club even with a new manager if he was agreeable. He has a lot of off field qualities thats helped them re find their identity.
Good at player man management and very good at PR work which is huge with a brand like them.


Yep exactly. Fate is in our hands. Win all our games and we have 4th. (Its a big ask, though!)


True, but do you think he can be a good manager for the whole season? He seems to be more of a caretaker.


The thing about Pogba is that I’d compare him to a Gerrard or Lampard. Does he have great technical, athletic ability and world class end product for a midfielder? Yes he does. But can he regularly control, dictate and dominate a midfield? I don’t think so. That might change but I tend to think that he’ll always be more of a final third player.


I agree, but if he went undefeated for the rest of the season and won the FA Cup as well, it would make it very difficult for Man U to get rid of him, even if they have got someone else lined up.


Yes, he’s not box to box in the form of prime Ballack or peak Vieira.

The way I define “world class” is would said world class player be able to turn the fortunes of a team? For example, if we had Pogba, would we be in the top 2? Honestly- I don’t think so.


I think you’d be asking far too much of almost any world class player if you’d measure their worth by whether they could turn us into a top two team from one in sixth place. Messi could do it perhaps, aside from him…


Maybe CR7 or Suarez, even then not sure we get Liverpool/City type points.


I really rate Pogba.
He is one of the few players I have seen that can control a game like Vieira used to do for us.
He might be more attacking than Vieira but Pogba has that physical presence that can influence a game and skill to go with it that very few players have.

He would walk into the first team of any club in Europe and would improve them.
I agree that what he did at Man U, when Mourinho was there, was not very professional but as a player, there aren’t many better than him.


Still on honeymoon. No need to be worried yet.


That’s true. Don’t think they have someone else lined up though, apart from Pocho.


Some honeymoon this!