Manchester United thread


It’s fucked but I don’t see how it does.

Years from now even more money will flow into the game, especially with all these super club competition plans and the like.


There’s a reason nobody wants to move to China.

Money isn’t the only thing. Of course the environment/country is important to a player, but so is the competition, history and pride aspect.

I wish UEFA had some balls, because any break away from the CL is doomed to fail imo.

I think the time is coming that some fools will try it but UEFA hold the rights to the competition, trophy music and branding

That’s important imo.

Even uber-capitalist America rejected breakaway moneygrabs (see CART and the XFL) and it will be no different here. The bubble will burst soon enough.

And hey, if a breakaway does happen, hope we stay with UEFA while all the sheikh clubs fuck off, maybe we could steal a hollow CL win somehow :arteta:


José approves this message.


Felliani is gone?


Yes. Too China.


Man, maybe Ole is really a messiah


The country?


What else, bruh?


Haha sorry, was a poor Friends reference :smiley:


Just like that these smug bastards will most likely be ahead of us tomorrow after the games :facepalm:



11 goals and 8 assists in 23 league games for Pogba this season. Imagine if he started the season under a more ideal manager that Jose he’d potentially be pushing even more incredible numbers.

He’s an elite central midfielder.


I think its fair to say his attitude was questionable though but the talent has been evident since the departure.


Still huge question marks over him for me.

Turning up in the 2nd half of the season is essentially what he’s done, the true elite are remarkably consistent and play well even in circumstances that aren’t ideal.

Sure his run of form coincided swith Jose’s departure but also a very kind fixute list. We’ll see what he’s made of next season and beyond where the question isn’t whether will we finish in top four? It’s can we compete for the biggest trophies and titles in world football? As United should.


Think it’s unfair to be critical of him for his performances under Jose. He was being asked to stifle his talents to perform a role he wasn’t good at and then made a scapegoat about it by the press and United fans and I think he has every right to feel frustrated.

When all is said and done he’s in his mid 20s and he’s a World Cup winning midfielder with a very healthy looking trophy cabinet behind him.

He’s so well rounded he’s basically a complete player and he’s flourishing now and adding some seriously impressive numbers to his game. He’s been competing at the highest level now virtually his entire professional career I think it’s about time some people (not you, just talking in a broader sense bro) started to give him the dues he deserves.


I think it’s quite fair, he’s supposed to be elite is he not? One of the world’s very best midfielders? When I think of the best of the best Pogba doesn’t come to mind. He isn’t on par with the Silva’s, Modric’s, KDB’s et al. Talent is one thing but doing it week in week out consistently against everyone not just smaller teams is something different entirely.

Very few footballers are allowed to get away with such inconsistency and crappy performances not just this season but last season too and still be held in such regard. He was playing like shit, they were abysmal performances there’s no getting away from that. Jose isn’t the only one to blame there at all.

Sure it’s a nice cabinet, however, France could have won the World Cup with him on the bench , he wasn’t that instrumental to them.

Dues for what exactly though? Because he’s playing well in the 2nd half of the season? Most of these pefofmeances have been against seriously lesser teams and quite a few of his goals are penalties. He’s doing very well as of late but that doesn’t make you undoubtedly world class let’s keep it real man.


People say Eden Hazard is elite when he’s been taking whole seasons off in the past because he couldn’t deal with Mou or Conte. I think we can give Pogba the same benefit of the doubt.


Pogba should never be placed with Hazard for such a comparison, Hazard is the main reason Chelsea won the title under Conte.

He is essentially the chief creator and goal scorer for his club and has put them on his back for years to win trophies, he has never played with someone of his quality in the attack whilst at Chelsea. Pogba can’t lace Hazarda boots, he’s never matched his performances.


But you dont with Hazard tbh. I think both have shown lack of decency in certain situations and deserve criticism in this aspect.


I’d put Pogba and Hazard at the same level for that reason.

Theyre a level below truly elite players such as Messi, Ronaldo, Aguero, Silva and Salah.