Manchester United thread


Just being cute. Arteta triggers me.:grinning:


That you are :grin:


Don’t think he would have done better than Emery. The problem is our squad.


Compared to our players many mediocre set of players would look class.

They are far from a top top side.
Even in your best list, you have players like Smalling, Valencia, a worn out Mata, inconsistent Herrera, and clearly over the hill Sanchez


People that don’t bench or not play 4 of our best 6 players in the starting 11 May do slightly better…


So? Apart from this, do you really think Arteta would have done much better? I repeat: much better.


Nah I don’t personally, just would have been a more unknown appointment so no idea as to what he’s ceiling would have been. With Emery we pretty much know as to what his ceiling is, challenge for the Europa league finish 4th-6th and that’ll be confirmed in 2 years time.

But as I have said I’m not saying that Arteta should have been the appointment, I do think he should start lower and get some experience first.


Nah Pep would make me rather happy thanks very much, any chance he wants to help us out for a different type of challenge ?


Well so far nobody wants to know. So that says something in this debate.


Cone boy. That his ceiling.


We’ll only find out a few years after Arteta leaves city tbh.


Give Arteta until May 2023. Give Emery until next Saturday.


Hey yeah his 3 years are up at City after this season, doesn’t he usually move on after that? Like to see what he could do with our team. Although tbh probably not much. He won’t have the advantage of spending 500m here.


United only know how to play one way and that is to attack as much as possible right to the final whistle. Got nothing to do with the new manager, he has just taken Mourinhos shackles off. Some bright management there :hipster:


Maybe we should try the same tactic - our present game doesn’t seem to achieve too much. Apart from DeGea, their defence is not exactly super solid, either.


I’d take attacking in any of the minutes right now.


Talk about being lucky, right Redcafe?


Nah. They weren’t lucky.

They scored 3 good goals, I.e they were clinical.

You don’t have to be the better team by miles in order to win the game

Man United look lethal to me away from home with the pace they have. Not looking forward to the league game now :grimacing:


Lukaku did it on a purpose. The cunt.


There moving a long at a fair rate here. Future is brightest its been since Fergie.