Manchester United thread


could he come here if this doesnt work out.:open_mouth:


So they sack Mourinho and now they beat the scum and are on even points with us. What the fuck :tired_face: :facepalm:


They are on an insane run… its too bad they didn’t wait until the end of Jan to get rid of Mou… Ole Gunnar has done a fantastic job so far… I wonder if they tie him down permanently.


I hope they do. He ain’t all that when it comes to management. Just ask Cardiff City.

On the flip side of the coin, it’s nice to see young managers being given a shot at top jobs. Remember when at one point we were all almost resigned to getting Arteta, then it gave way to acceptance and then almost a touch of excitement? That’s what a new, young manager can do for fans


Did you want Arteta? :thinking:


Oh God. Erm…

Is @AbouCuellar about?


I’m pretty sure he was saying before the Emery appointment came out of nowhere (he wasn’t linked at all really) and Arteta was heavily linked to getting it not everyone was but a good few were all excited for his appointment.


Arteta wasn’t my main preference or close to it , but I was in the minority of rathering him than Unai. It could have gone absolutely pear shaped given no experience, but you never know he could be the next Diamond. I think Arteta should start off smaller somewhere and prove himself though.

Unai was a relatively safe but very uninspiring choice, the reason I didn’t mind if we went Arteta over him was even if things go bad, it’s difficult to take us lower than 6th.


If Arterta came in right now, could he do with Arsenal what Solskjaer has done at United? Change the way the players play?

Straw poll, who thinks he can, who thinks he can’t?

Is it a manager fault? Could we get any manager in and we’d still find ourselves where we are now?


OGS is a manager and has been for a few seasons. How can you fucking be in a shit situation with shit players and no defence and turn to a person who has no experience at all.
Also united have a decent squad and OGS has a bit of hero status that wins him sometime too. Fucking Arteta. Ffs.


OGS inherited a squad with top top talent. Mourinho was really criminally underperforming with them.

Our squad though… :xhaka:


For me not. Didn’t want someone without experience dealing with this amount of shit.


What’s the worst someone with inexperience could do ? Have us keep 3 clean sheets in 22 games and freeze out Ozil ? Or something worse :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Yeah, you’d still think our squad would have achieved more than 1 point out of 9 against Southampton, Brighton and West Ham on the road though.


I don’t trust Arteta at all. He would be Wenger lite and we would probably be worse off than we are now.


While Ole has done well, I think we are overstating his influence. With the squad that United have, they should be competing for the title, and it’s only Mourinho that was holding them back. I think any other manager, including Emery would have done just as well if not better than Ole in the last 6 games. Also, lets not forget, they could have very easily lost that game against the Scum if not for some smart saves by De Gea coupled with some ordinary finishing. United played most of the second half in their own half. It’s not like they went away and hammered Spurs. They were desperately holding on in the end.


I really don’t think United has a good squad.
It’s the effect of a change, that’s all.

Give it time and they will be undone again.


De Gea, Smalling, Valencia, Pogba, Mata, Herrera, Martial, Fred and Sanchez are all very good players who I think could easily play for any of our players in our team.


You would think city would pick up more than 1 point at wolves and Leicester away and palace at home.


Yeah you’re right. Maybe we aren’t doing so bad after all!!