Manchester United thread


I dunno, that win was against Cardiff and when you get a new manager it’s a shot in the arm so to speak.

That team still has huge problems particularly defensively, I’m not convinced after one win against relegation fodder in which two goals were deflections.


They have an easyish run but after that they’ll have harder fixtures where they’re more likely to drop points.


True but I think that run over xmas could get them back within striking distance of a top four fight.


Man United’s fixtures between Feb 12 and March 16:

Liverpool (H)
Arsenal (A)
Man City (H)


They’ll win the middle game


For sure. They’ll rest players and put out Peter Piper, Fred the Red and Willy Wonka and still skank a win.


Haven’t you heard? Wenger is gone.


I don’t think they’ll come top 4 this season, one of Chelsea or Arsenal will get 2 points per game for the last 20 games, which would mean United will need to pick up 49 points from 20.


They’ll finish 6th. The egos haven’t gone away and it was Cardiff, the worst side in the league imo.




Nice and easy fixture list that coincides with Ole’s appointment.

We’ll see what they’re made of when they face Spurs away.


They seem to have hit an easy run of fixtures at the right time.


Yeah easy fixture list no one can debate that, still doubt they’d have scored 12 goals in the 3 games if Jose was still at the helm.


Jose would have made that easy fixture list look like they were facing Bayern, Real and Barça with pathetic defensive displays by United and half the points they got now.


Just like that these cunts are back 3 points off of us :tired_face:


They’ve got Spurs next in the league. They ain’t winning that.


Ah, the “If both teams were involved in an explosion and you could only save one, what would you order from Nando’s?” derby.

Nah, I actually think United will win this one. As funny as Mourinho being sacked was, it came too soon. They had a 0 GD not so long ago and now they’ve almost caught us up in that department too. I predict they’ll be above us by the end of the month.


They’ve been on a really strong run of results in the last 4 games but all it takes is 2 consecutive bad results (and consecutive good ones from us) and a 9 point cushion is there again. Still think they’ll finish below us.


Depends on signings for me. A centre back of any note its an even fight. If that does not happen we finish sixth. They have more quality in their squad than us.


Today’s match was 50 50 til that stupid keeper cocked up