Manchester United thread


Then they’ll be needing Big Sam to keep them up. :slight_smile:


Red cafe have a thread called next spurs manager :joy::joy: their pretty confident their getting poch


I’m confident of it also, mostly just cause I just want him to get the hell away from Tottenham ASAP


The Norwegian Prime Minister has announced Solskjaer as interim Man United manager :laughing:


I rather they keep him you never know who they going to replace him with they could get someone in who really takes spuds to the next level


I was listening to Gary Neville today, and he was completely astonished that they were appointing an interim manager and not the next one straight away. It was hilarious to listen to. Solskjaer seems an odd choice though…

I only remember he was pretty poor at Cardiff.


All this talk of Poch for united is a bit strange too me. He has done a decent job at spurs and their well structured. Have to say for me though their not an exciting team too watch.
Reminds me a bit of Mourinhio but not as good as he once was.
Their built more for absorbing the opposition but have trouble when roles are reversed imo.


I’d agree that Pochettino’s teams aren’t exciting to watch. They are, however, efficient.

What he’s doing this term with Spurs is nothing short of superb


They’ve basically hired a worse version of their Arteta as manager for the next 6 months :arteta:

Maybe Mourinho being sacked isn’t the end of the fun


In my view it’s not strange in the least.

They may not play City or Liverpool ball but they still play some very good stuff indeed, this season they’ve been a lot more dogged than in recent seasons but that can be attributed to so many of their players being at the WC and being jaded since they went straight back into the team.

Poch has demonstrated he can visualise and execute a project, he is gold with young players and helping them improve and he can build teams that can go toe to toe with the best. The way they have played against the likes of Real Madrid and Juve is hugely impressive and something we haven’t been capable of for far too long. Furthermore he can organise and build a cohesive unit front to back that can still run smoothly when key players are missing.

Also unlike Pep and Klopp Poch is unable to go out and spend big money on multiple players he truly wants, the fact Spurs have had £29mil net spend since 2014 means he’s done nothing short of a fantastic job IMO.


Let’s be honest the Juventus game exposed everything quite a few Spurs fans are critical of. It took two substitutions and some re-jigging to completely outfox Pochettino and he could not adjust. He will always struggle in the European games against tacticians because he doesn’t know how to make the necessary adjustments. He prepares well from the outset but rarely has a plan B.

Plus the pressures at Spurs and Manchester United are entirely different. We’ve seen Pochettino thrive in lesser pressure environments but we’ve also seen him struggle when the pressure is turned up. Spurs have faltered multiple times in cup competition and league title run-ins because Pochettino and co. have struggled to cope with the weight of expectation attached to being successful.

I’m of the believe that he’s a good manager but I’m not quite as convinced as everyone else that he’ll be a resounding success at a big club with a big budget and huge expectation. Time will tell and I obviously hope he won’t be for our sake.

Also, he’s definitely done a fantastic job at Spurs but how likely are they to find players like Kane, Alli, Eriksen and co. for the prices that Spurs got them for? Highly unlikely is the answer. He’ll spend big as Pep and Klopp do but whether that will be money wisely invested - only time will tell.

Let’s be honest his big money signings at Spurs haven’t all really been hits anyway. It tends to be the bargain basement signings.


There is always the trophy argument and it doesn’t make for great reading that he hasn’t lead them to a trophy yet despite everything else, they have a squad that should have won a trophy by now.

The criticism of him in Europe is a bit harsh though for me, take the Juve tie for example. Eriksen and Dembele dominated Juve in the middle of the park. And sure it may have taken substitutions but he got them disrupt Juve and it paid dividends. Also they controlled the game by having more possession, passes and shots on target. Let’s not forget this was away from home.

I look at what he’s done up until this point and the fact he is still an evolving manager, he can handle long term projects and with more money at his disposal he could potentially make United elite again.

I agree with you though, he’s no sure thing but he’s right there at the top with the few managers that have a real shot at being successful at United.


I don’t always hold the trophy argument against managers because I think irrespective, he’s done a tremendous job to take Tottenham to the position where they can be disappointed they haven’t won things to begin with. But by the same token there’s no reason that this Spurs team should not have at least one piece of silverware to show for 4 or 5 seasons of Pochettino now.

With regards to Europe it’s a game of fine margins and ultimately when you play an Italian team (that play like an Italian team) you are always going to have the possession, the passes and the shots. I’d agree they overran Juventus in the middle of the park and the first leg result was impressive but Juventus were short of options in midfield. In the second leg they had Dybala and Matuidi to call upon and that made all the difference in blunting Spurs midfield. And the same way Emery turned the result around at the Emirates is the same way Allegri did it at Wembley – by stretching Spurs with width and they struggled big time in both games to deal with it. It’s a massive flaw in their game that Pochettino hasn’t been able to react to.

He’s definitely an evolving manager and he’s shown he can handle long term projects. But to play devil’s advocate I’m not always sure that having more money at your disposal is a good thing for all managers. When you look at Spurs “bigger” money signings like Janssen, Sissoko, Aurier and Sanchez you’d argue they haven’t come close to replicating the success of the players who arrived on lesser fees. I think the model at Spurs suits Pochettino so much because it allows him to bring in and work with less expensive players who have considerably less pressure to succeed.

I think how he adjusts to United will be very interesting. I’m of the opinion that he’ll struggle to make the transition to a club who are so massively unstructured and dysfunctional at the moment. The Spurs environment is perfect for him to succeed and it’ll be very interesting to see how he copes with the transition. He’ll need time, he’ll need the players and he’ll need the patience.


Yes he’ll definitely need time and patience which I think United will be more than willing to give him because he has demonstrated that he can build.

Like you said more money doesn’t guarantee anything, however, since he is someone that can improve players it holds him in good stead, I think that United appointing a very good DOF is also crucial because he needs help which such a huge club.

Uniteds structure has been a joke since Fergie left, it needs an overhaul.


That’s true.
But I have got used to Man U being ahead of us and they are always going to outspend us.
Having spurs ahead of us is unacceptable, especially as we are better supported, have more money and are an all round classier club.


I agree.
Considering what he has spent and what he has achieved, he is possibly the best manager in the PL.

At the start of the season he came out with a few quotes suggesting he wasn’t happy with the way spurs had not given him any money to spend on transfers, so it might be possible.

Unless he wants to do what Wenger did and spend every season paying for a new stadium, rather than buying players, he might be tempted to going to one of the biggest clubs in Europe, with massive support and the opportunity to work with world class players.


A Tottenham manager should not be judged on the amount of trophies.
The fact that he made that squad look like a ‘squad that should have won a trophy by now’ is in itself very compllimentary of what he has achieved.



However, they have arguably the best striker in the league in addition to the defence and midfield to get the job done.

Poch has been guilty of not prioritising the cups to an extent.


I think Aguero, Aubameyang and Firmino might contest that assertion.


Firmino shouldn’t be in any discussion for best striker in the league his best traits are his pressing, his link up and his work rate.

And Kane is a better all round striker than Aguero too, who’s legs are definitely going.