Manchester United thread


Well he won 2 trophies and a 2nd place but never looked totally convincing here. Obvious from pre season that the boardroom and him were miles apart and this really set the tone for a bad season.
Considering how people view Pocch and Klopp he pretty much pissed united to 2nd place last season.
Be interesting too see where he goes now.


Specialist in failure.


He hasn’t exactly been on the up ever since he said that has he :wenger:


That’s a shame.
A manager I detest being sacked by a club I like even less.
I liked it that Mourinho and Man U came in one disgusting package and they were lower than us in the league.
They might get someone I like in, and be more successful.

This also means that their players will start playing to their potential, like Sanchez, Pogba and Mata and they will be another genuine fourth place rival.

They must have someone lined up for them to sack him.


I’ve just seen the odds for the next manager and Solskjaer is the favourite.


Well the last 80 odd posts have been wonderful to read :joy: Couldn’t happen to a nicer person and club.

Can’t see him managing again in this country. His rep has taken such a nose dive in the last three years.


He did this to himself and dig his own grave.


Could be a good fit for Stoke


Whoever said that bad things only happen to good people was obviously wrong :smiley:


Mou dream job turned into a nightmare :joy::joy:.
Wonder we’re mou will go now hes managed an burnt all his bridges at all his previous jobs.

Wonder if fergie comes out of retirement for rest of the season an derails Liverpool potential title chase


All the more reason to now take this January transfer window seriously. Need some astute signings, a run down of Sven’s Top Ten. Can we afford a winger and a CB?

They have a decent squad still and it’s still within control to turn this around for themselves.


:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: the guy that got Cardiff relegated


I hope it’s Poch, now or later.

It’s inevitable that United will come good again but as soon as Poch is out of Spurs it gives the players an excuse to fuck off and could be the end of their current “success”


Yeah Poch out the door spells gloom for them new stadium or not.

The likes of Kane would soon follow, Spurs will look back at this period with feelings of regret. It will not last for much longer. Sure you were competitive in most competitions and played some great stuff but with nothing to show for it it’s awfully hollow.


I was thinking that as well.
The ideal scenario would be for Pochettino to go to Man U and take Eriksen with him.
Then we can really see how good spurs and Kane are without them.


That’s not fair to them at all! They won the coveted “We Put the Pressure On” trophy a few years ago. :giroud:


The problem with that is we would likely overtake Spurs but Man United would then overtake us, so it would likely be as you were in regards to league position for us.


i love how you deal in definites like ‘oh they will get poch and they will replace us even if spuds drop down’ how the fuck do you know that? It is amazing that you know nothing of what our squad would be like next season or the season after or all these millions of varibles but you have it in your mind that these things will be facts.