Manchester United thread


Love if Wenger took charge as they would be just as bad :joy::joy:


Wenger as the Trojan horse that leads them to further ruin.

I can get behind this.


Brilliant way to win all the Arsenal fans back. Ruin Utd even more :joy::joy:


Skysports were adamant that United are firmly behind Mourinho in the weekend.


25 January 2018 ^^ :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


Chelsea gave him a contract 3 months prior to his sacking


Another W from our photographer :joy:


Extending his contract for so long was always going to be a disaster. Say what you want about Mourinho but it’s clear that big changes are needed at United that go beyond his sacking, they seen inept at every level.

I was thinking Zidane would be their priority after Mourinho but I think they’ll be wary to hire someone based solely on CL success


Plus he can’t speak a lick of English.


Wenger would never take the Utd job. They used to call him all sorts of vile things. He’s a man of integrity so wouldn’t go near that lot.







I’m a little concerned that Blanc could cobble together a lineup of newly motivated players who would push us into sixth place. Hopefully the relationship between the Man U hierarchy and Pogba is so bad that he forces his way out in January.

If Spurs let Poch go or he forces his way out in the summer, what are the odds he turns around and tries to buy Harry Kane? Wild speculation but it would be pretty entertaining to have Poch leave Spurs and break up their BEST TEAM EVER without winning anything.


Next level jokes if he benches Martial and Pogba :arteta:


Not liking this at all. Manure might become relevant again :gabriel:


Just by this, Klopp can’t be called as a flop or choke…
Basically he killed the devil for 3 times… nobody can achieve that.



Finally. It’ll be interesting to see where he lands next, cause this is his second big job in a row where it’s gone to absolute shit. I think many clubs just won’t want to deal with him anymore.

I’m sad that the car crash won’t be quite as entertaining for the rest of the season now.


They have money enough to keep trying managers until they find one that does well for them. The longer they keep underperforming ones around, the better for us. Also will miss his interviews when he leaves the PL.