Manchester United thread


Mourinho who carrys the can and rightly gets most of the grief. Cant totally excuse a lot of them high profile players though. There is a lot of cunts tbh in that squad.
Boardroom also is directionless and needs complete restructuring too move forward.


I don’t care what Man Utd fans think. They’re all bums for me. :joy:


There really is no excuse for Mourinho. He has been there for long enough and has done almost nothing.

He has spent more money than nearly every other manager in Europe and is still playing boring unattractive football while being outside the top four.

Since he has been there he has bought several top quality players, including some world class ones.

With players like Pogba, Fred, De Gea, Martial, Rashford, Sanchez, as well as other top European players, he has assembled a team that is not only one of the most expensive in the PL but playing an unimaginative, boring style that even his own supporters don’t like.

I’d be interested to know what Mourinho’s excuse is, when he is only competing at the level as clubs like Bournemouth and Brighton, whose total wage bills are probably not much more than the combined wages of Sanchez, De Gea and Pogba.

Saying that, I’m more than happy for it to continue :grinning:


The crime with united being so poor since Fergie is being unable to have cashed in on their demise. Thats a blot on us, Liverpool and spurs really.


MERRY CHRISTMAS LADS :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


Another one

Long may it continue :joy:


Watching this Club’s turmoil is a very pleasant Christmas gift. May Mourinho stay there for a long time.


The daily fail is running the news Mourinho will be fired if United don’t win their next 4 games.







Such a shame, he gets a 39 million dollar payout and United are more chance of turning it around. This is a sad day :cry:






Sacked in 4 of his last 5 jobs lol



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They are completely unprepared :joy:


Sad day for football.


He’s done now surely.

Man Utd seemed resigned that they won’t be challenging for anything this season with no initial manager to come in.

Summer raid for Poch.


What happened between Mourinho and Valencia? Missed that one


Specialist in failure