Manchester United thread


Yeah, there have been quite a few more vocal personalities in the Arsenal squad, just think RvP. Wenger was really talented, at least that was my impression, at reconciling players, a lot of the younger players under him have said that he was like a father. He would often take the blame, protect his players, and generally be a very respectable guy. Most players will admit he was very fair. This is my impression.

So I think he could manage United quite fine, at least a lot better than Mou, but I don’t think he will do it, why should he? And once you take a break, it’s difficult to come back.


I think he’d take the job tbh. He’s renounced retirement a number of times (saying it’s for “dead” people)

If I was a Manchester United fan, I’d feel a semblance of excitement about what Wenger could do with the team. I’d assume the Champions League would be dead in the water but the FA Cup and making giant strides in the league would be quite possible.

All in all, if it does happen, it’ll only happen until the end of the season


There’s no reason for United fans to have any excitement about hiring Wenger when they’re a big enough club to have basically any coach not called Pep.

Wenger also IMO is in no way a caretaker manager. He’s a project or nothing kind of guy for me. I really can’t see him taking a wage to steady a ship with no prospect of carrying it on.




The amount of harassment that Maureen gave Wenger, now is pay back time.

If Wenger was the specialist of failures… then Maureen is the special failures specialist.


There is a thread on Red Cafe forum asking which players would you keep if you were the next Utd manager, and most of them want Sanchez to feck off…Shame that…lolol


Even better is the list of teams that could afford his wages would not have him. He’ll be seeing out that pricey contract @ Manure.



He will fuck off to China for sure.


I don’t know if he’ll want to move to a place that does this…


Not too indifferent to what they do in Salford, that. He’ll feel right at home



Conte at United is the worse case scenario. Will have the resources and backing to turn United to highly competent side


Doesn’t Conte hate it in England though?


Still, you’d surely take United over Milan or Inter or something?

I’m not a big fan of the USA but if Google wanted to headhunt me and set me up in silicon valley I’d probably be okay with that.


Not over milan now though surely not…they have Ivan there now, will be too hard to turn that down for anyone now :henry2:


You know what??

Other than skinned alive, some of these people just use the torch to “grill” them alive…

I had seen a few videos (just a few seconds each, can’t stand any longer) and it was really sick… SICK


Don’t think so. It was just Abramovich who didn’t treat him well.





Long may it continue :wenger: