Manchester United thread


I remember all their cockyness last season (their first since SAF that they finished above us).

Oh how sweet this 3rd season is. We all saw it coming. Even they did. But they had to deny it.

Like all the avengers and Gomorra when Thanos came into town.



You OK hun?


The Avengers I’m sure will find a way to defeat Thanos though…

Jose however…


Said it ages ago would love to see Wenger at Utd and watch him destroy Mourinho’s legacy, he’d be the perfect fit to get them up and running with their current personnel !!! The specialist in failure taking over would be a great soundbite !!


Wenger is finished he’d wouldn’t improve them


I think he would.

I don’t want it to happen but despite the end of his tenure being soured with all parties being together too long, he is still a great manager capable of winning silverware with a big team as he did with us even in the latter years.

I don’t think he’d turn Man U into rivals to city but he would have done a better job than LVG, Moyes and Mourinho is now I’m sure…


Yeah, he’d have enough money and has the clout to get the high quality players that don’t need tactics or detailed instructions to really win.

For example, if Wenger was at United there may have been a chance of CR7 coming back.



Really hope Jose hangs on for another 2-3 months, I really want to finish above them.



Of course he is.One thing Wenger could not do for the last 7 years or so is handle a big personality in the dressing room. Amongst all the other expectations and spotlight at united your under he wouldnt last a season.


Fantastic to see these c*nts collapse. The amount of shit United fans have given me during Arsenal’s dry years was unreal. Now they can suffer the same fate, couldn’t have happened to a better lot.


This is priceless, serves him right.


What are you basing this on?


top players leaving when they realised his tactics where not good enough.


That is not ‘handling a big personality’


Okay the fact he chose not to buy any players with a voice in the dressing room. Didnt fit with his criteria of wanting to be the sole voice of organisation. It became apparent and was questioned by others in the media that this was a chosen policy.


What are you basing this on?


Players meekly excepting defeat and being bullied and out fought on a regular basis.


you are all over the place