Manchester United thread


Lucky that guy was there to help


That warms my heart.


I remember when wenger had a fall and other fans took the piss. I wonder if they will do the same with mourinho.




If Bailly leaves in Jan (rumours), would you guys and gals have him?


after Sylvestre I’m scared of taking another defender from united haha


What is his actual position? CB? RB?

For me, no more stockpiling mediocre CB… if we are going after numbers to try to hit the lottery, then go with youngsters and hope we can actually develop them, but don’t rely on that short-term. Go get a VVD (or your choice of top target) and stop futzing around with these knuckleheads… I keep thinking “Mustafi must be better than this and he isn’t that old yet.”. but FFS we burn seasons that way…


He’s a pure CB and a very good one at that plus he’s young.

It’s just injuries that have hampered his form IMO, at his best he’s dominant at the back.


Injuries are unlucky or a pattern? That position of all requires some reliability or it is useless…


I’m with you which is one of the reasons that I wouldn’t be behind it (if possible) despite him being good.

Not having a stable back four in addition to lack of quality is why United have so many defensive frailties, it’s actually De Gea that bails them out repeatedly. Their defence is nothing special despite their defensive record.


Another talent ruined by Mourinho lol! Why not? He is better than all our CBs atm.


How long has he been there? And what’s he done? He’s fucking irrelevant and the last thing we need is another irrelevant CB.


Bailey’s a real talent -if it weren’t for injuries I’m sure he’d be regarded as one of the best youngish CB’s in the league but with his injury record and our absolute necessity for a sturdy reliable CB to slot in beside Sok it wouldn’t be a savvy move unless we were to bring in another older CB as well.


If he’s on the cheap then no prob. He won’t be.
I’d rather we focus on bringing a real superstar like De Ligt.


2 years. Started as a great promise, then he has faded bit.


No. We’ve had our share of injury-prone letdowns in the past.



the wheels are falling off and the bus used for parking is itself is now being parked.


I need some pop corn. Pure comedy gold :poldi:


Mourinho meltdown about to launch…

“here we, here we, here we fucking go”!!!