Manchester United thread


Arsenal version…


Which one is cech? They should have put the hat on.


End of the road for the cunt? :henry2: It’s clear most of the players don’t want to play for him anymore.


When you actually think about it, United are one of the worse run top clubs about (in footballing terms)

Almost every decision post SAF has been suspect and their strategies have failed. Where do they go after Mourinho?


to Zidane apparently. But if they think Zidane is gonna win them everything they have another thing coming, RM pretty much managed themselves i cant see him being a massive success over here. Successful to a degree yes but not win CL multiple times and EPL multiple times sorta success, a trophy once in a blue moon maybe.



Only time I didn’t care Tottenham score.



People are walking out of OT :smiley: Nice carrying of the ball by Moura.


no please stay at least for a few more seasons, he just signed a new contract please let him honor it manu.


I guess it shouldn’t come as a surprise things are starting to go pear shaped there. Jose usually lasts for about three seasons before he moves on to something else. But even then, this spell at Man Utd hasn’t exactly been stellar. And quite a lot of the fanbase weren’t entirely keen on having him.

Once upon a time he might’ve been ‘The Special One’ but you can’t help but feel now everyone knows his style and how to manage it, he’s become less effective with age. All good viewing for us though :smirk:


Living the dream


I think Allegri is waiting for the United job tbh… It’d be a good match too


*stellar mr I hate misspelt words :wink:


United’s squad can’t be compared to Real’s, tbh.


I can’t wait to hear who Mourinho is going to blame.


I don’t know whether to laugh or feel sorry for them.



wonder if he will still manage to blame wenger for it?


The grass.


i’d laugh if he mentions the pogba saga as causing issues.


Mourinho out ?
Wenger in ?