Manchester United thread


oohhhh this is getting interesting, wonder who is gonna gob off next? Maureen probably, what a shit show this is turning out to be…I LOVE IT! I doubt they will make the top 4 this season with all this shit going on, long may it continue.


This is why Fergie refused to dance with the devil and branded him a “shitbag”.

Then again, Raiola is just the mouthpiece here. I doubt he’d be shouting his mouth off like that if Pogba wasn’t OK with it.


Yeah that shitbag bad agent Raiola looking out for his client’s best interests.

SAF always got extremely bitter when he didn’t get his way.


As if he really gives a shit about that. $$$$


It’s not like he’s forcing Pogba anywhere though, their interests are intertwined.


My suggestion to you is to do little research into Raiola’s relationship with Pogba. Raiola made a conscious effort to ingratiate himself into Pogba’s family, their relationship is much deeper than money.

He picked him up as a client when Pobga struggling to break into the United team, it was Raiola who took on SAF and demanded more minutes and money for him. SAF didn’t believe in his talent but Raiola did.

Does he deserve to be well compensated for facilitating these deals? Of course, don’t hate the player hate the game


You say all that stuff in a slightly sinister voice and it could easily be deemed negative. Don’t think any of that proves raiola actually gives a shit but I’m guessing you’ve read more about it than I am ever going to so I’ll bow out. :slight_smile:


I think the thing is, especially these days, in most cases looking after his client’s best interests = $$$$.

And that means he gets $$$$

That’s not me imposing my opinion, that’s clearly what a large proportion of players consider to be most important when it comes to their agent representing their best interests.


Right thing to do when you lack info on a topic tbf


Yea can’t argue with that. Just sounded like it was being made out as almost something noble. It’s not. :slight_smile:


Inter are building a strong team. And it surely ain’t for Spaletti.
Inter-Mourinho reunion is written in the books. Mourinho has already given up on Man Utd even before the season started and has been throwing shots at their management nonstop.


Raiola could be a dick to deal with but the commitment he has showed and the rewards he has landed for his clients surely is a thing to envy if you’re a player.




What the f is this lad on. Man chopping his wifes legs off is not a bad man … :joy:


he is gonna be sacked soon isnt he :santi:


Pls nooo contracts should be respected ffs :henry2:


Until a good replacement is available. Don’t think Zidane suits them.



Fair play to Jose for trying to make deals happen.


WTF!!! :rofl::rofl::rofl: