Manchester United thread



I suppose that if you wanted to view it positively, at least they haven’t spent nearly a billion pounds.


Best of it
They’ve won fuck all !


When they bring in nearly half a billion in profit they can throw their money about


Oh right UK uses the short scale, unlike normal countries. But what can one expect of people who drive on the wrong side of the road.


Josè to play himself lol!


Jose to play WITH himself.





Ahah! Comedy gold! I am enjoying it!



I pray that Emery is good for us because both the northerner scum and the local scum are there for the taking.


Only an old fucker from Derby lol!



Fucking love it! Let it may continue.


Rather than wasting the season, why don’t they just sack Mourinho? They have to pay him eventually anyway.
Or is there an underlying financial issue?


Ffs this United disaster season may end earlier than hoped. Need Mourinho to fuck things up there as long as possible


A couple of early defeats and he is gone for sure.


I’m really fucking looking forward to this


Anyone who watched last night’s match, how did Andreas Pereira play?

May be an unpopular opinion, but maybe Mou is doing okay for youngsters, certainly giving them more competitive game time than Pep, who will put Foden back in his cage for the season in all probability.