Manchester United thread


Just in case ye see RIP sir Alex trending sonewhere it’s a different fella with the same name.


Ty mate. Saving me from a heartattack :+1:



Trade them back Welbeck for Martial?



Or for free? Still a bargain for us.


This doesn’t end well for them :rofl::rofl:


Yeah I am counting on full Mou meltdown and ManU falling out of top 4 again.


Surprised he’s only on 90k a week. If he’s available, we should definitely be throwing our hat in the ring, even if the proverbial hat is ignored by Martial / United.


That fine would litterally ruin my life.

Martial needs to come home though. There is always a spot for him here at the Arsenal.


Well hes coming off two seasons of indifferent form. Just had a new born and now going to have to find a new club in England in just over a week. Dont see that happening somehow, and hes also not match fit.
If hes going, its going to have to be abroad. Has enough time to sort all them issues out.


Cheeky bid for him? :thinking:


I would hope that Arsenal have made an inquiry. I think that he would flourish here. Who else would be a realistic candidate for him?


A bit of daring has been missing from the club this summer.

Very conservative all summer which is fair enough under a new structure


There’s a top player in Martial. Really feel like he’s suffocated at United.

Would love for us to snatch him. Fuck an inquiry though, just throw money down on the table first and foremost and see how they react.


Seems like it would be easy to improve upon the 90k per week and it sounds like the relationship w/him and club is done.


It would be a hard sell to lure him with Europa league is basically what I’m saying. And there are clubs who can probably pay him more than we can, pay a higher transfer fee and are in the CL.

The only advantage we possibly have is that United don’t consider us a real rival, so might be more willing to sell to us if Martial forces their hand. But again, PSG, Chelsea, Bayern or whoever would definitely be more attractive to him imo.


He’s returning to Manchester tomorrow. I’m sure Mourinho will greet him with a warm hug.

Anyway, I don’t think there is any chance of us getting Martial. Spurs and Chelsea would probably be more likely than us. But I just don’t see United ever selling to a PL club. If he does go, it’d probably be to Bayern or PSG.


Is Sanchez looking fit?


Yep looks very sharp.

Just a shame for him that he has to play alongside complete dross :sunglasses:


He’s looking good.

Likely to have a very good individual season but United may still underwhelm.