Manchester United thread


How is dogshagger doing these days? Still sulking and eating his meals alone?


Mourinho has got to calm down, we still need him down there.


Am I crazy to think that this sounds exactly like what he was doing the summer of 2015 at Chelsea before it all blew up? He just looks absolutely miserable but it’s everyone else’s fault. Does he ever learn?


It’s not about learning. He is what he is. A _ _ _ _ . You can fill in the blanks.


Usual Jose looking to get sacked and receive a nice payout. Glad he’s disrupting that club in the process.


Yeah, to relegate Manure :mustafi:


Right, but it’s not like Pep is going to give any minutes to these players. We’re talking about a manager who recently signed Mahrez despite already having Jesus, Sterling, Sané and Silva as options out wide.


He’s been hounded out of pretty much every job he’s had for his attitude since his initial bug break at Porto. The guy is an actual cunt and I can’t stand the sight of him. Classless wank stain.


It would still be encouraging to hear your manager to say that about you.
I have my reservation about Guardiola hogging up big talents but he has shown his tendency to play young untested players like Pedro, Pique & many more.

However with Mourinho, once you hire him, don’t bother investing in youngsters because he will have you sell them off just a year before they start hitting their prime. example - Lukaku, De Bruyne, Salah etc. etc.


what i cannot fathom is how he has managed to do this time and time again. He isnt even that good anymore, before at least he used to win a lot of stuff but since his 2nd term in chavski his results have nosedived. Imagine getting 10s of millions in compensation for being a cunt and ultimately been piss poor at your job. He used to be good, very good but you cant even really say that about him anymore. How does he keep on getting high profile jobs how the fuck have people not seen how he is going downhill and the continuous trouble he causes and how he isnt worth it.


United have no one but themselves to blame. They have his history yet they decided to give him a new contract.
Should have waited to see how he conducts himself.


It’s hard to maintain a track record of winning a League title every year.


I think that might happen now. If he tanks with United, which seems to be happening and accelerating now, his next job wont be in the bracket he’s occupied for the last several years in my opinion. This is really his last chance.


I thought when they appointed Mourinho he was the only logical choice after van gaal and Moyes in that he was a big enough name etc but I’m not sure who’s the logical choice post Mourinho. Simeone possibly but you’d imagine after years of vangallball and mouball united fans aren’t going to be too keen on him either. (yes yes his style isn’t as bad as made out etc)


I get that, but why should players listen to press conferences? What matters is what they hear on the training ground; not empty words about amazing you are even though you never even make the squad.

Guardiola has indeed given young players who were good enough minutes, as has Mourinho and all other managers. No manager would be foolish enough to not use Varane, just to use one example.

Agree with you about de Bruyne and Salah, even if it’s maybe a bit too much to suggest that he had a breakthrough just after he had left Chelsea.

Lukaku has yet to show that he’s good enough to start for a club that’s supposed to win big titles. Typical of him to score 4 in the first 2 during the world cup, only to then not do much after that.


I’m very curious to see how they go this season, I know they came 2nd last season but felt results flattered them some what largely due to have such a top quality keeper. I’d love them to implode with all sorts of dressing room drama but I’m expecting more of a 3rd-5th place finish.




Good god they don’t give a shit do they. Mourinho is surely sacked probably less than half way through the season :joy: btw the one that looks the most depressed there is our man Alexis :wave:


To be fair to Jose, he’s given youth (well, his academy players) more of a chance than Pep, at least at City.

Jose brought through McTominay, and Lingard had his breakout under him.

Whereas, Foden was basically their gunnersaurus last season and pep said an empty space was a better use of a bench than an actual youth player at one point.


Its like braindead zombies. Jose is destroying the Manure and i love every single minute of it :hearts: :joy: