Manchester United thread


Wouldn’t it be:


And I doubt Fred is their only big signing, expecting someone to come in for that right wing spot and maybe Martial being shipped out. Real may ship out Bale or CR7 for that spot otherwise it’ll be someone else. Maybe Mourinho wants another defender or 2 aswell



there is a silence because people are probably trying to figure out if you are a troll or epically deluded and thick.



Jesus, this can’t be accurate. Surely.

Manchester United may have to allow Daley Blind to leave the club for nothing if they want to lose his £120,000-a-week wages.


but dont mind spending 1.1m a week on sanchez and pogba


Would definitely take him on a free transfer tbh




Decent player imo. Not for the first team obvs but very good squad player for me


I’d rather sign Danny Blind


I’d rather sign Daley Thompson…


I’d rather sign Arthur Daley.:slight_smile:


I’d rather sign Arthur Albiston


I’d rather sign Arfa pint.


I’d rather sign Gollum Ballbag


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:arteta: :arteta: :arteta: :arteta:



Ha ha hahahaha :rofl:


Mourinho held a press conference today and was full of the joys of spring… start as you mean to go on, hey José?

Negative Nigel getting the excuses in early.

Seems like things aren’t well behind the scenes. Hopefully the start of his famous third season collapse. Inject it.

And on Pogba:

I reckon it might have something to do with you not managing him…


It’s funny when Mourinho is already making excuses because their opening game is on a Friday.
Doesn’t he realise that Leicester also have the same disadvantage and they are away from home?
He spends more money than any other club in Europe apart from Man City and PSG and still moans.


Who is United buying this summer? Their transfermarkt seems dead atm.