Manchester United thread


Redcafe after Fellaini news:

Arsenal fans get the last laugh with this one then :frowning:

This is it, this is the event that turns me into an alcoholic.

Feck off. Just feck right off.

Just woke up in the morning,and its a horrific news to start the day.

Terrible news if true. He’s like that shit stain that can’t be removed.

I woke up, no butter for my toast so I had to go out to the garage and they only had that shite Utterly Butterly, then I burnt the toast and just when I thought my morning couldn’t get any worse I read this. I’m doing a sicky and going back to bed.

I wonder if we’ll even be brave enough to announce it on social media? The backlash will be horrible.

Wow, I was really looking forward to the trolling if he was moving to somewhere like Arsenal FeelsBadMan…

When Fellaini sees out his contract, this lump of shit would have played for Manchester United for 7 years. 7 fucking years. Let that sink in.

Hard to believe it will soon be 2019 and we’re still going to be watching Young and Valencia crossing for Fellaini. My goodness.

I fecking hate this news. Tragic player. Awful with his feet. Slows play down. Crap passing. Zero mobility. Makes team resort to hoof ball.
feck off with this decision.
Just another reason I hate Mourinho. As if his shithouse tactics and man management weren’t bad enough.

Mourinho will probably be gone by Christmas anyway so hopefully the new manager will bin the c*** off in January.

A disastrous result in every possible way. f***ing hate Mourinho; destroying the club at every juncture.


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The madness continues



what in the fuck are they doing over there? If we signed a player like fellaini to a new deal and bought a 35 year old goalkeeper (yes i know they have signed fred) i would lose my shit. How in the heck are we doing better in the transfer market than Manu. Now that i have said that they will go buy Ronaldo etc.


Not much reason to spend money on a 3rd year Mourinho. You may as well keep the powder dry for the next manager.


aaaahhhh glorious




Fellaini as a back up and option off the bench makes him a useful utility player. They already have Fred, Pogba and Matic so he won’t play as much as in the past


Only Josè loves these type of players :mustafi:


Fellaini is a limited player and a half decent plan B at best. Personally I would have sacked him off, but it appears that José loves him.

And the good news for us is that we get to enjoy Man United fans being angry over him for a while longer


thought you were saying something else there for a split second :gabriel:




I definitely have standards!


A Mav classic right there :henry2:


And the better news is that the prick won’t somehow end up here.


I assume the plan is to play a lot of 4-3-3 with a midfield of Pogba, Fred, and Matic, Herrera off the bench, and Fellaini as the hoofball Plan B.

I just don’t really see how this team is meaningfully better than last year, absent some other major additions. Still have no good fullbacks, still don’t have a standout central defender, still don’t have a midfield that can keep possession and play it on the carpet against a high press.

They have as good a chance as anybody other than City at making Top 4 but their odds of winning the title or making a deep CL run seem very slim.


Honestly they could sign multiple top players and it would end in them finishing below City.

I’m not sure they’ll finish above Liverpool who are assembling a great squad indeed with a manager that plays attacking free flowing football, United’s issue will always be Jose. The days of believing you can simply draw against your main rivals away from home beat everyone else and win the league are over.

His approach and methods are obsolete and he is not the type to change, I predict he’ll be gone before his contract expires.


In terms of midfield Fred is meant to be that player isn’t he? His ball carrying and close control is certainly something they didn’t have.


It will be interesting to see how a midfield of Sanchez, Pogba and Fred will work with Lukaku upfront.
They are also going to have to keep Rashford and Martial happy, because they aren’t going to want to have yet another season as bench players, and they still need to sort out the FB and CB positions.

I can’t believe Fred will be their only big signing in this window.


I can’t see them ever playing that midfield