Manchester United thread


I always complained about the way he played and how it harmed our team. But everyone was happy because he scored goals. Now he is not scoring nothing mask how terrible he can be


Well yeah, because if you’re scoring and creating loads of chances, at rates that consistently put you in the very elite top 3 in the league, that makes people happy, because that’s basically the definition of a good attacking player. I don’t totally discard the idea that sometimes his style can have a negative effect on our fluidity or our control of games, but not enough to take away from scoring/creating chances at those rates.


The same problem he had with us. He is running himself into the ground again.


Tbf it was when he lost interest was when things became a problem.


That’s bollox I’ve been calling Alexis out for his brain dead selfish play for at least 3 seasons. There’s always been tons of excuses for this like he’s too good for the team so why shouldn’t he pass to the opposition and so forth. And he could create magic, which everyone focused on but there was good reason Barce flogged Alexis before they flogged Pedro. For each moment of magic you’d get 10 moments of brain farts


there is more to football than goals and assists, so much more.


There is indeed, but for an attacking player I’m not really sure there’s that much more than xG added via xChancesCreated + xG… to repeat:


My biggest complain i had about alexis at the time was that he simply lost possesion too much. It is simply unacceptable that a proffesional footballer so called “world class” just gives the ball away again and again. The amount of chances we could have created had he not messed up isnt accounted for statwise.



He doesn’t want much then.

If this doesn’t attract players, I don’t know what will…


I thought Bailly was injured??? He looked really good at the start. What happened?


This is art


Mainly defensive players. What a surprise! :arteta:


Just seen those two vids

I can’t breathe :sob:



Aimed at Martial?


Martial, Shaw, Pogba, Bailly et al take your pick.

Jose really is cancerous, LVG gave a platform for the younger players to succeed and they’ve all regressed.

United shouldn’t of extended Jose’s contract but I’m pleased they did.


Next season meltdown incoming. Will get sacked in march when they get knocked out by Benfica in the last 16.


I’ll have one Martial and one Bailly please


Hope there is a mass exodus