Manchester United thread


Alexis has got 3 assists for Man United

Mkhitaryan got 3 assists in one game for us


It’s not all about goals. Mhki is a completely different player to Alexis don’t compare them


Mkhitaryan has been better for us compared to what Sanchez was for us & for United this season; at lesser wages.
So for this season, I am glad we got him.

But you never know what future holds.
Sanchez has too much talent & too much drive in him to continue being shit.
He will need someone to lay down the reality to him if his body is incapable of sustaining his style of football & that he needs to readjust.

For sake of banter, I hope no one takes that onus.


Reading redcafes Sanchez thread is pretty glorious tbh :joy::joy:




Have been scrolling that page all day and im not even getting bored yet.


Just went for a laugh and found this gem:

Yep, completely agree in regards to his explosiveness being gone and needing to re-invent himself. I think he’s good enough to do it, though, and would like to see him make a Cazorla like switch into a central midfielder.



Yeah I read that!! What the fuck is that guy on hahaha


Sanchez in midfield? Would be an absolute disaster of lost possesion and headless dribbling into blind spots.


Sanchez is far too indisciplined for a Mourinho team.
He is also quite volatile so when things aren’t going his way, he becomes even less disciplined, which affects the rest of the team.

It’s great to watch, and long may it continue.


Better players than Sanchez have struggled to perform under Mourinho.

Saying that, I’m surprised he hasn’t really sparked yet. Mourinho’s teams are all about structure but he allows one or two of his attackers to be more free, and I thought Sánchez would thrive there.

Too early to say he’s flopped but it is hilarious to watch United fans criticise him.


Like when Rooney lost his edge and they had to play him as a 10 almost :laughing:

No way can you write him off yet, he really can ‘flick the switch’ during a game. Won’t this also be his first summer ‘off’ too? Either way, watching all of this unfold before our eyes really hits that sweet spot.


I hope he treats his first summer off like a vacation of lifetime and comes back really fat



LOLLL! :arteta:


Weird, it was such a noncontroversial account. Maybe it got hacked.


Alexis form is no surprise. For one he’s always been a poor team player in terms of overdribbling and passing to the opposition. If anyone found that a surprise they can’t have watched him.

His goals last season were the result of his false 9 role where he had less running and even more freedom. He was poor this season and genuinely has looked to lose some pace but never had great pace. He’s also drifted in and out of form.

Now put him in a team where even when they’re chasing a game they only allow 5 players forward and he’s instructed to drop deep to defend then I question what anyone expects of him. He’s averaging 1.6 shots per game.

Terrible utilisation of Alexis by Mourinho and a terrible purchase given the role he’s got him playing.


You guys can throw mud at it all you like, but Alexis is a top class player, just like Di María before him, who also didn’t work at United. Mourinho can make top class creative players look bad. I didn’t see anyone complaining about Alexis’ ‘overdribbling’ and 'poor team player’ness when he was creating chances at a rate that only De Bruyne rivaled last season.

Maybe he’s lost a step, but more likely this season was just a result of poor managing by Wenger and Mourinho. The Alexis hate and revisionist history here is well OTT. And that’s coming from someone who’s always been more of an Özil guy and who often reminded people not to go OTT when Alexis was everyone’s golden son here and when Özil was the one much more likely to be criticised with tendentious arguments like these.


His forms poor at the moment but I think hes just trying to hard. Making bad decisions but not hiding or trying is just wrong Think anybody saying hes not trying are just kidding themselves…


Tbf i was anti-alexis since he signed for us back in 2014. It was only this season people started to see his true self and how damaging he is for a team.