Manchester City*

The reality is the club should be stripped of its honours, given a serious points deduction and relegation.

In addition, they would need to have serious financial sanctions imposed on them. A big fine, limits to transfer spending, limit to wage budget.

That is the only way that this whole situation can be addressed fairly. The league has suffered because of City’s corruption for over a decade now.

They have NEVER won a single domestic trophy operating under fair and honest means.


It’s a shame he couldn’t have fractured it earlier in the season. Oh well.

Jesus dude. :sweat_smile:

Not that’d make a difference anyway. Ortega is amazing.

I can’t think of a team with a better backup goalie.

Think Lunin has taken that title this season. Much higher sample of games, bigger risk games too.

He’s stepped in for probably the best keeper in the world this season and done a superb job too.

It’s much easier to look like a top keeper when you’re only deputising the domestic cup games. Lunin has filled in the league and the CL and he’s the keeper between the sticks for their run to the final and their success in the league.


Amazing? Eh. He’s fine. Let’s see him play a full league season.

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Yeah, Lunin was the other one in my mind. I do personally rate Ortega higher though.

Every time I’ve seen him play he’s been outrageous. Saving shots he has no business to and his distro is top class as well which for me gives him the edge.
I know he used to be rated in Germany but this has been such an astute signing from City that went under the radar. They got him on a free transfer.

Such FM regens lol

Yeah, I’m gonna stick with that QPR game being suspicious.




Joey Barton is thick as pigshit. Scumbag from a scum family putting in a good word for a scum organisation. Fuck him and fuck City.


I legit hate these guys more than any of our actual rivals


I hate them more then I used to hate SAF and Man u, at least they were legit


I will never hate them as much Man Utd, Chelsea and Spurs.

Neither Pep nor City gonna get any respect from me ever for the way they achieved it.

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I swear you have opinions different to everyone else just for the sake of it.

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Because they’re an irrelevant club to me. I have never met a City fan in real life.

Their presence in my life is non-existent.

Personally, I think it’s even more damning to them that I have no real hate for them.




And this game was pivotal


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