Manchester City Vs Arsenal (PL)

Close it if its to early but could be something to talk about during the international break.

Saturday 17th October
The Spaghettihad :wink:
KO: 17:30 :clock530:
:tv: Sky Sports

  • City win
  • Arsenal win
  • Draw

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Arsenal 7-2


They are a hot mess right now. I think a draw is definitely possible and would be a good result.

I think the results today have gone to my head. I’ve convinced myself we’re going to steamroll them!


35-0 to Arsenal


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:xhaka2: :clap:


Always difficult to predict big games right after the interlull. Can see any result happening here. Delighted we’ve got Anfield and Etihad off our list before November. Would be excellent if we can get at least a draw here.

I’m going with 1-1.

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Definitely think we could take a point from this, we’ve progressed massively since the game up there after lockdown.

Can we expect Partey to start?

I should fucking hope so

City are there for the taking this season. So, let’s take them :poldi:

Yung Arteta to dethrone Papa Pep

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Dont think so mate. He Will have like 1 session before this game.

People are going to hate it but I fully expect us to line up in the 3-4-3 with Maitland Niles as the defensive left wing back for this one.

I’m very curious about what the attacking three looks like. I’d really like to see Saka-Auba-Pepe but Auba-Laca-Willian seems more likely.

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If its for this one game and other big games fine.

If we line up 3 4 3 with Xhaka Lacazette and Luiz all season im just going to stop watching with 100% of my attention because I cant be arsed to waste my time being bored out my brains anymore. I stopped paying attention to the full games under Emery by about this point in the season (during the win streak, awful awful football)

Hopefully arteta shows some balls with his tactics soon with his additions.

The wage cuts, the sacked staff, getting rid of gunnersaurus, flying to Pool and back twice in a week, no fans, old players on huge contract, not playing Ozil, letting guen and LT go for free, shit football, i just don’t feel very connected to the club atm

Yeah exactly, given the results we’ve seen so far I don’t think many gooners mind seeing that formation in big games, it’s just not warranted at home against Sheffield Utd.


Dunno. With the international break and all the traveling + he hasn’t even been to our ground yet. I think he may be left out of the squad for this match and make his debut in the Europa League vs Vienna.

Oh yeah I’m under no illusion that he won’t start for us on Saturday and that we’ll be doing 3-4-3 with Elneny and Xhaka in midfield.

Hopefully he at least makes the bench.

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Probably be a while before we see him, can’t see him getting minutes ahead of Elneny.