Manchester City thread


@Stroller let’s see what happens. I doubt these cunts fall so soon, but things are turning nicely.

Must be a nice early birthday present for tomorrow right?


Save you a slice of cake for this. Reaching the BBC website is a start at least. we really do have a cunt final on our hands Sunday.


Cunt final :arteta: love it




I think we’d hate that just as much tbh


I don’t think anyone has ever done this, have they? Winning every domestic trophy in one season would be historic


I think they’ll get both domestic cups and one of the PL or CL. Got this feeling Liverpool will steady and still claim the league whilst City will reign supreme in Europe.


Not in England. Emery achieved this historic achievement in France however. :sunglasses:


Why? Liverpool aren’t our local rivals thats like Chelsea and Tottenham doing that for us


Wouldnt top uniteds treble though of league, cup and CL.


You’re just going to have to accept that certain Arsenal fans of an age older than you don’t like Liverpool and remember a certain few years where we competed directly with them for the league.

Go back further in time and you’ll find Arsenal fans that hate Leeds more than anyone else bar Tottenham. In a few years time you’ll have Arsenal fans that don’t remember Man United being anything other than just another northern rival. It is what it is…


I’ve always liked Liverpool, even when we were the top two clubs in the country, because they were the best team in Europe and played the best football.
Also, because they were the most successful team, a lot of my friends supported them from when they were at school and they were nearly all people I got on with.

The two teams I couldn’t stand when I was growing up were spurs and Man U, and then when Chelsea started being successful and splashing the cash.

In recent seasons I’ve noticed that Man U don’t annoy me as much as they used to, and I put that down to Ferguson and Mourinho not being there, but I know too many deluded spurs supporters that never stop going on about how great they are, to ever stop despising them.

I’m not that bothered if Man City win all four trophies and the fact that it will annoy Man U supporters will make up for it.

Everyone will know their success is only because they have a rich owner and nothing to do with them being an elite club, the same as people feel about Chelsea.

As soon as their owners get bored and walk away, then both clubs will crawl back to mid table where they belong.


The League Cup specialists. 2014, 2016, 2018 e 2019. Fair play to them. They always want and are eager to win.


I hate this shitty cup. Screwed Wenger so many times, gave Tottenham free trophy wins and it’s so shit that it’s named something new every couple of years cos all the sponsors leave it.


Have to get away from this delusion of Chelsea being a small club now. Its near two decades of success now.
Where moving in the right direction pre Premiership under Michael Harding. Won all three european trophies in 20 years and every domestic cup competition.
Got lucky with Abromovich being in the right time at the right place. History is one thing being relevant in the decade were in more so. They have created their history now.
Same goes with city here with their dubious funding. The fact remains their huge in football right now, regardless of the ground being full or being incompetent in the 1980s.
Love my history as much as anyone but you have to realise todays success is tomorrows history.


It used to be a decent competition before the PL but because so many clubs put their reserve teams out it has become a much less regarded trophy.
I think Mickey Mouse even wears a League Cup watch. :grinning:


Only reason I don’t mind this cup is because it ends in Feb, otherwise no need to play 4 tournaments for PL clubs or atleast clubs with European football.


Now into 7/1 to win the quadruple


Couple of big injuries out of the LC final though, losing their best centre half along with the man that who plays a huge part in doing the grunt work in midfield.


If they win the quadruple or whatever it won’t be surprising. They’ve spent 1b putting this team together and they went out and got the biggest name to manage their club. They are spending money hand over fist to buy their way to glory and we all know that strategy works. However I still feel like they won’t pull it off. CL will be difficult for them and they are still trailing in the league, however it is lolpool and they are running out of steam as a typical Klopp team does towards the end of the year.