Manchester City thread


He said the media is full of scousers and he’s never seen any city. So I told him why haha maybe I read it wrong



Excuse me. Niall Quinn does be on sometimes.

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I see him more Sunderland hah but fair point Sky always used him on City before he quit punditry.

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I meant i don’t give a shit about them winning the league because there are no citizens fan in the media.

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Don’t forget the legend that is Sean Goater been used a few times as a pundit :poldi: God damn, it really wasn’t that long ago City were so fucking bang average. Modern day Man City is totally unrecognisible to how they were 15/20 years ago.



5live use Danny Mills as some sort of city guru.



@shamrockgooner heard Arteta actually managed the game today :eyes:



Not sure what you are on about, but so what re: #1 - there could be asterisks next to every rich club by that kind of logic…

They have lots of fans, and plenty who have suffered… I play (in the US) with several guys that are ManCity fans, including a born and bred Manchester native who bleeds blue and his whole family does.

Agree with #3 lol.

Kind of agree with this (#4) as well.

In some respects, I’d be “happy” with Pool winning b/c they are doing it the right way with fantastic football and aren’t buying titles… Spurs is the one that would make my stomach turn - them and any time Mou does well.



Hope he also wears his trousers halfway down too.



That tracksuit :heart_eyes:



Fucking hell, our boy Bellerin wouldn’t be seen dead in that get up.



Yeah bellerin is another type of special :henry2:

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I know I’ve declared that Liverpool are winning the league lol. but putting that aside to people believe Manchester City have a chance of doing the unthinkable and win the Quadruple ?



No :slight_smile:



Well its a big ask but the cup draws have fell kind and they have big chances in the domestic cups. CL is not really going to start till the next round and think another all English game is a hurdle that could cost them.
Still dont have much room for anymore losses in the league but they have put Liverpool under pressure now.
Think Pep will challenge them to a historic season and is hell bent on giving it eveything. I will say no as ive got a feeling Chelsea will beat them in the LC.

Its funny really because they could win nothing if you think about it.

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I think a CL run is what will ultimately cost them in the League. They are certainly among the favourites for it. I hope them and PSG never do it though. Cunts.



They’ll win the domestic treble (probably not good enough for their owners :face_with_raised_eyebrow:) but fall short in the Champion League imo.



I fancy them in the CL tbh.

I would laugh if Liverpool win the league and City win the CL. What a summer break for the Utd fans that would be :joy::joy::joy::joy:

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Sterling :clap::clap::clap: well played :joy:

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Sterling is a don.

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