Manchester City thread


It’s a big shame Curbishley never took up another role after West Ham. Think he proved himself to be a very competent manager and actually did well at West Ham in dealing with board room uncertainty and a host of big injuries.


Was that for Pinnacle by any chance mate? I remember training with them a few times up by the Copthall Sports Centre! My friends that were far superior played for them a few times I believe.


Team called the Junior Reds actually. They’re pretty much a bit of a community club now but about 10-15 years ago a lot of us ended up playing for Charlton or having trials with them. I got through with about 3 or 4 of my team mates at the time. None of us lasted too long though and one of the guys ended up going abroad to Germany, tearing his ACL and now he’s about 20 stone of fat now and doesn’t move these days lol. But he was far and away the best player that I ever played with, had crazy control and reading of the game and was virtually impossible to beat in a one on one.


Ah ok. There’s just some guys that literally are a level above everyone in football and it’s ridiculously noticeable even from a sprightly age. You just know that no level of training could you reach that level, well at least for me haha.

This guy I used to regularly play football with could use both feet, fast, strong, take any type of freekick,was a little short but he could hold his own with any of the big lumps. I eventually lost contact but I don’t think he ever pursued football properly after his youth.

Crazy when at the time I feel like he should have been playing for a top club at youth level, easily.


Yeah it’s crazy. Only a couple people I grew up around made it and only one of them ever made it to a high level. One guy I played with at school got signed by Palace a few years back, represented Ghana at the AFCON and ended up bouncing around loads of League One / League Two teams on loan before settling in League One. And another guy I never played with directly but everybody used to speak about was Junior Stanislas and he’s at Bournemouth now doing real well for himself to have made it to that level.




To paraphrase @sevchenko this guys a clown.

Performances are dogshite, have some shame and not bring your shanter to twitter


5 assists in 9 games :eyes: not bad for a left back coming off a season long injury and working his way back to fitness.


I’d love him as our LB best one in the league


I guess, I mean Kolasinac’s attacking numbers look pretty good too but defensively he’s a shambles.

From what City fans say, this is a similar scenario. Full disclosure though, I’ve not been following him at all, this is just based on City fans’ opinions on twitter.


The reasons why most PL fans should be backing City to win the league:

  1. Whatever they do is inconsequential. We all know they are only relevant because of their financial doping power. History will show there’s a big giant asterisk next to every one of their title wins.

  2. They have no fans. I don’t even know a City fan, sure you see the odd glory hunter sporting a City shirt here and there but even they know that they are in no position to talk shit.

  3. They are the direct rivals to United. Lord knows after years of being blessed by the football God’s, United deserves a long miserable existence in which they must watch their cross town rivals continually beat them and win titles.

  4. They are the lesser of all evils. As I said they know their place in history. Lolpool are the most self righteous fan base I’ve ever encountered. We can’t allow the scum to even sniff the title, United is United so fuck them.

City winning it isn’t the end of the world. If Arsenal aren’t in a position to win the league, I don’t mind City winning it for the next 10 years tbh.


Liverpool winning it would kill them that’s their biggest rivalry not City


Please take out the direct rivals to United part, Liverpool winning it will sting united fans more.


What a complete load of shite that post was. Manchester is a city not a town as well.


I understand that rivalry but this would fall under the umbrella of reason number 4. I’m sure City have actual fans in Manchester so in their own town they’ll be shamed anyways. Manchester is blue and all that.


There aren’t any Man City fans in California yet, always the acid test of when a football club is legit :+1:


I don’t think you understand how much it will kill Manchester United fans to watch Liverpool win the league.

I so hope it happens just so I can feast on redcafe for a week


Clearly I can’t speak for England I only can go from what I read, and the running joke is that they can’t even fill up their own stadium isn’t it?


I get it they’ll be tied all time, but seeing the self righteous fan base of lolpool have to endure another title challenge failure out weighs that imo. United and lolpool both being miserable is much more appealing to me.


Manchester United fans won’t be miserable if City stop Liverpool winning the league for the second time in 5 years