Manchester City thread


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We must do more to keep Americans away from our sport :see_no_evil:


Shame we didn’t try harder with Kroneke.


I liked the old Maine Road ground, though. Proper ground, that.


In the middle of Moss Side, when one couldnt find a cab back to Piccadilly for love nor money…



Yeah remember how weird was with the terrace on the side. Moss side was a shit hole and scary place.
Worse night I had up their was in 1990 after a Rolling Stones gig. Came out and met and ran under a shower of bottles getting to the coach.


Sorry for your experiences there, Stroller, I came away unscathed. Mind you, that was at a time when all this so called ‘football violence’ just wasn’t a thing.

It comes with age, nostalgia I suppose, but I have a sort of fondness for the old grounds - Burnden Park, Roker Park, the old St. James’ Park, etc. There was a character that, for all their niceties, these new stadiums lack.

Have a good 'un.


I think some of the current grounds lost a lot of character when they became all seater. Also placing fans on the side of grounds like United and Everton do and Newcastle putting you up in the gods is crap.
Should always be an end imo.


So true. I’ll always be North Bank.




The Dell was a dump for away fans, but great place to celebrate a goal as you were virtually on the pitch.


The Molineux is a dump as well.


I didn’t used to go to many away grounds but I think the biggest dump I have been to is Fratton Park.



As a top flight ground Oxford took some beating. @Robin_L what was your worse ground.


For top flight I guess Portsmouth (but in a good way, get them back up).

My former ‘worst’ grounds have often turned into my best grounds as the proportion of boring bowls has gone up and the proper grounds have gradually been replaced. You forget how good they are! Everton is falling down and the concourse space is ridiculous but it’s atmospheric. Ditto places like Anfield, Villa Park.

But some new grounds look good, eg I’d have liked to make it to Huddersfield

Worst overall lower down has to be somewhere like Luton. Away fans effectively walk through someone’s private property to reach the away end :laughing:


I remember Luton having probably the worst away support whenever I saw them at Highbury.
Although Charlton and Wimbledon were almost as bad considering they were both London clubs and they only used to bring a few hundred with them.


Charlton were always a good community club. I played for their feeder club for 2 years and eventually played for Charlton for about half a season. The stadium was good, the atmosphere was shit but they just used to pack the ground with cheap £5 tickets and a lot of us weren’t actually Charlton fans so we weren’t really emotionally invested. Bit of a family club too so it’s hardly surprising the fans aren’t loud.


I remember the Valley before it became an all seater and it was massive but have never been there since it was modernised.
I was amazed when they managed to get to be a top half regular team in the eighties with Curbishley, considering the size of their support.
It was similar to what Wimbledon had achieved but Charlton played very good football and didn’t rely on the long ball and bullying tactics the way Wimbledon did.