Manchester City thread


Like most things like this its the fallout that bothers these people from acting. There will probably consultation about reigning bits in and a bit of a PR slap on the wrist.


Better to ask for forgiveness than to ask for permission.


Thank God Sterling never came to us.

For his own good. The way the cancerous tabloids go after him, and the way they go after Arsenal (a lot less severe treatment than his, mind), those 2 combined would mean he’d never be left alone!


Having a 2nd complex in London will aid them to poach talent from other London clubs. Youngsters and their families won’t have to move etc. Fuck them so much.


I really like Sterling, he’s being very dignified in the face of this bullshit, happend on his bloody birthday.

People doubted him but he’s out here as one of the best players in the league, a family man, and by all accounts he’s a humble guy with a good head on his shoulders.

I’m rooting for him, when Pep came in he could have easily binned him off but he saw something significant there, in the face of the unjustified criticisms and hate he’s shining like a fucking star. That’s the best response.


He always impressed me when I watched early days at Pool, in a way that surprised and annoyed (lol) me. He was stronger, quicker, and had better skills than I expected - he was inconsistent and had brain-dead moments, but he has grown and matured through some adversity and I have to say I would love him at Arsenal at this point… unfortunately he will probably stay at City long-term and so I’ll have to resort to hating him at least 2 times a year.


That rule about teams only having the ability to scout and train players from a certain radius is bullshit anyway. The players with the most talent should have the right to be trained in the best environment.


Highly debatable tbh.

Football clubs were designed to have a symbiotic relationship with it’s local community. It should really be the first priority of any club to develop local talent rather than cherry picking talent nationwide at the expense of local lads.

So basically the best clubs get the best talents because of their wealth? That creates a bigger divide in the sport


We support a club which chose to relocate because of money. I think you overreact a bit when it comes to that relationship with the community tbh. Why on earth should a (North-)Londoner have more right to be developed by Arsenal than somebody from Manchester? Just because he is born in Islington? That’s just stupid.

I said the best environment. The best clubs don’t always have the best academy to develop players. The divide is already humongous in football. That divide can’t get any bigger.


Whats fucking stupid is clubs taking kids they dont need to stop rivals having a talented player. This in a lot of cases stop the kid developing at all. This is happening quite regular in modern football and a lot more since it became free for all for top sides to poach talent from anywhere.


Because developing youth players is still kind of a lottery, you want to make chances for success as high as possible. If you pick ten players to form a team everyone of those ten players can fail.


Not if the policy is too just stop a rival developing a talent. Thats pure politics and clubs with money and policies like City have morals and ability too do that.


That’s more or less Chelsea’s current loan system policy isn’t it? They sign a bunch of young players to prevent other clubs from having them under contract and then loan them to continental Europe for development and eventually dump them.

I can’t really think of anyone who’s made it through that loan system at Chelsea to get regular first team minutes there. Maybe Andreas Christensen?

Either way it’s a really shitty way to nurture young talent because the loanee club has no vested interest in the player and the loaning club is just playing a numbers game.


Yeah Chelsea carry the brunt of the argument on this, All top clubs though have sizable numbers on loan at any one time.
Whole academy circuit is open to abuse while the prem has access to its current wealth.


I knew our man Orny would have the legit opinions.

MY ITK :wenger2:


Abolish unlimited loans.


This is what i hate about these oil barrens they run their clubs in the same way as their businesses sly underhanded and breaking rules anything for an upper hand…bunch of fucking cunts.


Lol ffs they are such cunts


It’s not their fault the rules allow this. Why shouldn’t they take advantage?


Meh still money cunts. :wink: With their insane squad depth wanting a london training base and this haha