Manchester City thread


Great coaches get hated by their players because the players can’t see why they’re playing shit.


There’s more to man management than winning. Creating a harmonious environment rather than ignoring players is a sign of leadership skills. He seems to be lacking them.

But indeed, he’s probably a better than average coach, I’d still want to see him in a mid-table club with less funds available.


If his job was man management you might have a point. But it’s not. He has players who will run through walls for him too so I don’t even think the point is correct tbh.


and Zlatan is a cunt
If I had the choice to replace Zlatan with Messi or David Villa, I would take it up.


Nobody would say “I want to see Messi play for a mid table team before I judge him to be great”, so I don’t know why people say the same about managers.


Because 8 out of the 100 players he’s coached don’t like him?

I doubt any manager is liked by by all 25 members of their first team squad. Just because this is the one manager that has a youtube video about it doesn’t mean he’s the only one who had players that didn’t like him.


@shamrockgooner any good?


Yes, we’ve had about 8/9 keepers the last few years, he was the best. Only played a handful of games but he’s been in around the team for a few years and he almost always shows up on match days for the warm ups. Very impressed with him, hope he won’t stagnate there.


I’m not sure if reading correctly, but Shamrock Rovers players usually don’t show up for warm ups before a game? Or has warm ups a other meaning in this context.


Well he wasn’t in the squad until this season but has been about on match days for a couple of seasons previous.

Statement was a bit ambiguous in fairness, I knew what I meant though :grin:


Staying there or going with City academy now?


Eh better to ask @shamrockgooner that haha


Bit unclear. Story was he was gonna stay and finish his education. This article suggests it’s not a done deal at all…




Poor guy. Another few weeks out. At least for the time being he can get back to his full time job of social media influencer


Just when he was on top of his form. Very very unlucky.


Bit harsh on @RockyMaivia there MM.


Arsehole :joy:


The media still gunning for Sterling even though he didn’t even play!

Expect this from The Sun, but not the Observer to be honest. They obviously had a change of heart too because it was edited this morning… Still no need to open the match report with him though, as they say, he wasn’t involved in the game at all.


I’m not even going to ascribe any malice to this, but that is just bizarre.

Why does he apparently need to be reminded that City can cope without him? He has never struck me as the overly cocky, diva-ish type who would think that City would fall apart without him