Manchester City thread


What’s up with Sane? Missed the WC too so he should have been a starter until others get fit.
Wonder how this will shape up.


We are only 4 back of city now, we got this!!


Get plenty of praise for their style of play. Seems only fair to bring up though the coniving side of them with the diving and simulation.
At least 4 blatant efforts at cheating yesterday against wolves.


Honestly it seems as if they were harshly done by yesterday, no? (I didn’t watch the full game so not sure if they dived a lot etc)


That Amazon prime show they’ve got is really good. Really cool to see the day to day goings on of a big PL club. Well worth a watch.


It’s really good until the last episode or two. They tried to hide(but they couldn’t) the fact that City messed up big time post international break during March I believe. Apparently they went to Abu Dhabi around that period too. That massive lead and general success cost them losing concentration way before the season ended.
Probably why Pep approached this season not guaranteeing anyone’s name in the starting XI.


Yeah. Not sure Kyle Walker comes across too well though. “Normal people don’t understand what it’s like to have to go into work on Christmas Day”. I get that it’ll be hard to be away from your kids on Christmas Day regardless of your salary, but bad choice of wording, Kyle.

“Normal” people, like doctors and nurses? Like firemen? Carers? Chefs? I’m sure going to training for a few hours and then going home or to a hotel is preferable to working 12 hour shifts in a hospital! Plenty of people work over Christmas and they do it for a pittance too!


They were on the goal but Aguero and very sad to say Silva were horrible saturday.


I might have an explanation for Aguero’s bad showing :smile:


Amazing what 10 years of owl money can do!


Did they really need to celebrate it? #Fuckthemout


Luca its BBC who posted it. Read better :wink:


Which takeover was more significant in terms of changing football forever -

Abramovich at Chelsea or the Sheikhs at City?


Abramovich imo. That set the tone, city just followed suit.


I think City’s created more hyper inflation in the market than Abramovich did though.

City came in and offered Kaka something ridiculous (at the time) like 500k-1mill per week (depending on reports).


There’s an article on The Guardian website about Man City’s transformation


I guess Owl money can give you the wisdom necessary to win.


It’s amazing that they went from that to champions in 2011-12.

Even with the money spent that was hardly a galactico side.

And the star players were pretty much all achievable signings for the bigger English clubs. If we’d blown £60m of our cash reserves on Aguero and Silva the last 10 years could have played out very differently for us.


Always got time for Guardian Sports. Love some of the stuff they put out it’s genuinely good journalism sometimes.


Lets be honest here they would have still ended up at Manchester City :wink: