Manchester City thread


It does, but when you consider how many London clubs there are, it’s far more difficult to stand out.

I’m just amazed that they still have empty seats at some games, yet are possibly the most entertaining and best team in Europe.


It might just be a stand against silly ticket prices? Man City fans are salt of the earth, working class families. If they want to boycott a game, they will (just as they famously did at Bolton a few years back)


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But Mourinho is a defensive minded coach who was 110% wrong about KdB. Not really sure how people can get upset if the criticism is correct. :arteta:


Can’t wait for a new war to start between Pep and José. Pop-corn needed!



These same people defending Mourinho, who is he biggest wind up since Ferguson, and the whiniest, most hypocritical, self obsessed manager in Europe.



He’ll be back in 2 I bet


If he was an AFC player his season would be over.


It’s amazing that they’ve lost what I will say is the best player in the premier league and they’ll probably barely notice.




I wish we had an owner like that, who was willing to throw some money at our club :grinning:


If its at the basic human rights of other people im prepared to stay with what we have.


1 month lol!


:gunnersaurus: :arteta:


Anyone watched this yet?

It’s actually quite good. Cringey as fuck in parts mind and Pep loves to drop and f bomb.


Thought it was really good. I do like the behind the scene documentary type stuff. Juventus did one last year that went out through Netflix in the US. The best one I’ve ever watched was the QPR movie. They fired a bunch of managers that season too, it was pretty fascinating to see things from that angle.


QPR movie? Fuck, I’m waiting for the Spurs DVD compilation. Should be a real giggle.


Always pisses me off when people talk about how good Man City are. They are good and play great attacking football. When we do it. People try to kick us off the park leaving horrible injuries to the like of Diaby, Eduardo and Ramsey. Strange other teams don’t employ the same tactic to them when they did it to us. Guess I am crying about an unfair world here.